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How Much Should You Spend on An Engagement Ring?

The moment you “pop the question” is one of both your lives’ most beautiful and romantic moments – and the engagement ring you will slip onto her finger when she says “Yes” plays a very important role in this moment. A promise of marriage and a symbol of your undying love for her, this ring must be very special and meet her personal taste and preferences in jewellery to perfection, so a cheap, “off the rack” ring simply will not do. But exactly how much should you spend on an engagement ring? Here’s what “tradition dictates” – and a few tips from Savicki Jewellers on deciding how much you should spend on an engagement ring

How Much Should You Spend on An Engagement Ring Traditionally?

According to tradition, an engagement ring should cost you approximately two to two-and-a-half times your monthly salary. Sounds frightening, does it not? As it is, this tradition (or rule) was initiated by a diamond marketer working for the De Beers Group – and is, to be perfectly honest, best forgotten about. So, if this is the case, how much money should you spend on an engagement ring?

Deciding How Much You Should Spend on An Engagement Ring

The best way to decide how much to spend on an engagement ring is to consider your beloved’s expectations and then balancing these expectations against your own financial situation. While you will obviously want to buy the woman you love that “dream ring” she always wanted, doing so should not leave with unimaginable (and ultimately unmanageable) debt, so before you make a purchase, you should consider several factors, including your:

  • Current income and expenses,

  • Savings,

  • Already existing debts (i.e. loans, credit card debts, etc.), and your

  • Future earning potential

Use these factors to determine a reasonable range of prices you can safely afford without the risk of causing yourself any unnecessary financial difficulties – and don’t forget that it is perfectly acceptable to shop around and look for bargains/discounts even when buying an engagement ring!

It is also worth remembering that purchasing a solitaire-style ring (with a single stone) is not only a classic choice but also often considerably more affordable than selecting a ring with numerous smaller stones (such as in Halo, Two/Three- or Side-stone rings, for instance).

How Much Should You Spend on An Engagement Ring?

Metal and Stone

The type, colour and quality of metal from which a ring is made will obviously also affect how much a ring will cost, as will the type and size of the stone you choose. To maximise your budget, we highly recommend choosing a ring made of the highest quality metal and with the highest cut grade of stone within your determined price range.

Savicki Engagement Rings

Having created beautiful engagement rings since 1976, we here at Savicki Jewellers completely understand that individual budgets are as unique as the tastes and jewellery preferences of future brides-to-be.

Bearing this in mind, we offer a stunning range of gorgeous engagement rings in a diversity of precious metals, styles, widths and profiles; precious gems and, of course, price ranges. To find an engagement ring that perfectly matches your beloved’s expectations while staying within your budget, you can either browse the entire range from here or filter for a specific price range and/or specific features (metal, stone, style, etc.) by using the panel located on the left-hand side of that page.

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