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White gold wedding rings

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White Gold Wedding Bands by Savicki White Gold Wedding Rings UK

White gold wedding band created by Savicki Jewellers distinguishes itself by expressing impeccability, innocence, freedom, and spirituality. It is perfect for couples seeking a unique and modern symbol of love.

Savicki White Gold Wedding Bands

Enchanting within the infinity of the circle, white gold is a noble metal that contains the full uniqueness, strength, and purity of the feelings love invariably reigns over. Savicki Jewellers’ white gold wedding rings are designed to emphasize your relationship’s power, perfection, and uniqueness in stunningly beautiful form.

Planning Your Wedding and Future Together

The fact that you are browsing these pages tells us that you are planning your wedding, and even your whole life together.

Proud and happy that our passion for creating beautiful white gold wedding rings allows us to symbolically participate not only in the glorious occasion of your wedding but also in the radiant joy and happiness of life that awaits you. It is a perfect opportunity to wish you everything good, beautiful, and all the best in your life as a happy marriage!

We Wish You Everything that is Good, Beautiful and All the Very Best for Your Married Life

We are proud & happy that creating beautiful white gold wedding rings permits us to symbolically take part in the glorious occasion of your wedding ceremony and the radiant joy & happiness of the life ahead of you.

Brief History of the Wedding Ring

Before making a decision on which one of the white gold rings to choose, let’s briefly explore the fascinating evolution of wedding rings… The tradition of wearing a wedding band is a worldwide custom that has been binding lovers together for millennia. It began with the ancient Egyptians, who slipped circular rings fashioned of plant materials onto their fingers while swearing eternal love and commitment for each other.

These rings were of exceptional and indeed magical significance for them, because not only is the circle as endless and eternal as time because it has no beginning nor end, the central hole within it was considered a symbol of entering the unknown, starting a new life.

These ancient wedding bands thus became a symbol of equally eternal and unchanging love. Despite the impermanent nature of the plant materials used to create the rings, they were regarded as the perfect symbol of fulfilled, undying love. Although they used gold to symbolize their gods’ indestructibe nature & eternal rule and, considered as symbolic of omnipotence and purity, white gold was used to represent life’s simplest ascpects, it was, however, not the Egyptians who started using gold to craft their wedding rings but the Israelites.

Appearing for the first time around 1000 BC, the gold rings of the Israelites not only recognized their existing meaning and symbolism but were also considered a symbolic confirmation of the signing of wedding contracts and a promise to respect the terms of these contracts. In the following centuries, the importance of wedding rings grew and soon lovers all over the world began exchanging them at wedding ceremonies. Becoming world symbols of true, pure love and commitment in this way, wedding rings made of gold were finally recognized by the Catholic Church in the 13th century as symbols of Church-confirmed (according to canon law) symbols of marriage.

Combining the symbolism of eternal love and the indestructible relationship of gold with white, which has long been associated with the highest purity, goodness and freshness; purity, new beginnings and development, white gold wedding rings are perfect symbols of eternity, purity, holiness and indestructible nature - all of which, of course, make up the essence of successful marriages.

The Unique Aura of Savicki White Gold Wedding Bands

The sheer nature and wealth of love allow our jewellery craftsmen to bring out all the beauty and uniqueness of white gold. What is love? They have shared secrets, passion and adventure; it is a shared fascination and memories of precious moments.

By allowing these secrets, feelings and memories to travel to our studios by the wind to help them surround each pair of rings they create with their own unique aura, our jewellery masters create beautiful white gold rings that are just waiting for memories, secrets, and a fascination with love and feelings are hidden deep in your hearts.

Based on the admiration and delight we invariably harbour for female beauty, male strength and the very nature of love, the magic and mystery of the white gold ring gives our jewellery masters endless possibilities to create ever new designs expressing pure, indestructible relationships.

Savicki White Gold and Diamond Wedding Rings

Emphasizing the durability and purity of your feelings, the pure sparkle of a white gold ring enriched with diamonds is the perfect way to express your eternal, flawless love.

White gold wedding ring with diamonds

In order to seal the sacramental "YES", a symbol is needed to remind you of it. White wedding rings are an unconventional choice, but more and more popular. Wedding rings, as a rule, are perceived as smooth rings, identical for both partners. However, these traditions are being abandoned these days. Of course, this is only for the benefit of the future wife, because it is women who most often decide on the model of wedding rings with the addition of precious stones. Many women like a little more to do on their finger, which is why a white gold wedding ring is the perfect solution. The color of white gold is simply overwhelming and unique, and the addition of noble stones will turn it into a wonderful, shiny ornament that you will look at with pride. It may be one stone that modestly says "I am a wife", or a larger number of them, covering almost the entire surface of the white gold wedding ring.

Savicki White Gold UK Wedding Rings

We had the pleasure and honour to symbolically accompany the couples on their wedding day and the years of happiness that follow with our unique white gold wedding rings since 1976.

This experience has taught us that the specific tastes and preferences of each couple are different. That's why we've created a great selection of gold wedding rings in a variety of styles, profiles, precious jewels and widths.

To find the perfect set of white gold wedding rings, browse the entire range here or use the filters on the left to search for specific characteristics.

Can't find what you are looking for? Get in touch with our jewellery experts and we'll talk about designing a completely custom ring that perfectly meets your requirements.

After selecting your rings, please use our ring size chart to find the correct sizes. Once this is done, you can place an order by phone: +44 (1462) 889559, online, via live chat or by sending an email to [email protected]

White gold wedding ring - a beautiful symbol of love

Wedding rings are one of the most important things on your wedding day. After the ceremony, they become an integral part of your life together, become a symbol of indestructible bond, care and devotion, as well as a memory of this happiest moment. White gold wedding rings are more often chosen by couples to become their love symbol. All because white gold is extremely effective, and universal at the same time, its stunning colour is simply wonderful and also brings to mind both elegance and purity. The mystery and magic of white gold wedding rings is based on the amazement and wonder that we are invariably inspired by the nature of love, the beauty of women and male strength. This gives our jewellers unlimited possibilities to create new, breathtaking patterns expressing pure relationship. The nature of white gold also allows it to be enriched with diamonds that will enhance the purity and durability of your affection. Offer your flawless love the pure splendour of white gold wedding rings.

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