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White Gold Wedding Bands by Savicki White Gold Wedding Rings UK

Ideal for couples seeking a unique and modern symbol of love, a white gold wedding band created by Savicki Jewellers distinguishes itself by expressing impeccability, innocence, freedom and spirituality.

Savicki White Gold Wedding Bands

Enchanting within the infinity of the circle, white gold is a noble metal that contains the full uniqueness, strength and purity of the feelings love invariably reigns over. Savicki Jewellers’ white gold wedding rings are designed to emphasise your relationship’s power, perfection and uniqueness in stunningly beautiful form.

Planning Your Wedding and Future Together

The fact that you are perusing these pages tells us that you are in the process of planning your wedding and indeed your entire future life together.

Proud and happy that our passion for creating beautiful white gold wedding rings permits us to symbolically take part not only in the glorious occasion of your wedding ceremony but in the radiant joy and happiness of the life that lies ahead of you, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you everything that is good, beautiful and all the very best for your married life.

We Wish You Everything that is Good, Beautiful and All the Very Best for Your Married Life

We are proud & happy that creating beautiful white gold wedding rings permits us to symbolically take part in the glorious occasion of your wedding ceremony and the radiant joy & happiness of the life ahead of you.

Brief History of the Wedding Ring

Before turning to choose your white gold rings, let’s briefly explore the fascinating evolution of wedding rings… The tradition of wearing a wedding ring is a worldwide custom that has been binding lovers together for millennia. It began with the ancient Egyptians, who slipped circular rings fashioned of plant materials onto their fingers while swearing eternal love for each other.

These rings were of exceptional and indeed magical significance for them, because not only is the circle as endless and eternal as time, the central hole within it was regarded as a symbol of the portal to eternity and everlasting life

These ancient wedding bands thus became a symbol of equally eternal and unchanging love. Despite the impermanent nature of the plant materials used to create the rings, they were regarded as the perfect symbol of fulfilled, undying love. Although they used gold to symbolise their gods’ imperishable nature & eternal rule and, regarded as symbolic of omnipotence and purity, white gold was used to represent life’s simple but sacred aspects, it was, however, not the Egyptians who started using gold to craft their wedding rings but the Israelites.

First appearing around 1,000 BC, the Israelites’ gold wedding rings not only acknowledged their existing meanings and symbolism but were also considered symbolic confirmations of signing wedding contracts and as promises to comply with the terms of said contracts.

Over subsequent centuries, the significance of wedding rings strengthened and soon lovers all over the world began to exchange them during their wedding ceremonies. Having so become worldwide symbols of true, pure love and commitment, wedding rings made of gold where finally recognised as symbols of ecclesiastically confirmed (under canon law) symbols of marriage by the Catholic Church in the 13th Century

Combining gold’s symbolism of eternal love and indestructible relationships with the colour white, which has long since been associated with ultimate purity, goodness and freshness; chastity, new beginnings and growth, white gold wedding bands are perfect symbols of eternity, purity, sacredness and an indestructible nature – which all combine, of course, to make up the very essence of successful marriages.

The Unique Aura of Savicki White Gold Wedding Bands

The very nature and wealth of love allows our jewellery artisans to extract all its beauty and uniqueness from white gold. What is love? It is shared secrets, passion and adventure; it is shared fascination and memories of precious moments.

Allowing these secrets, feelings and memories to be carried into our studios by the wind to help them envelop every pair of rings they create with its very own, unique aura, our jewellery masters create beautiful white gold rings that wait only for the memories, secretes, love fascination and feelings hidden deep within your hearts.

Based on the admiration and amazement we invariable have for women’s beauty, men’s strength and the very nature of love, the magic and mystery of a white gold ring provides our jewellery masters with infinite possibilities of creating ever new patterns to express pure, indestructible relationships.

Savicki White Gold and Diamond Wedding Rings

Emphasising the durability and purity of your feelings, the pure glow of a white gold ring enriched with diamonds is the perfect way to express your everlasting, pristine love

Savicki White Gold Wedding Rings UK

We have had the pleasure and honour of symbolically accompanying couples on their wedding day and the years of happiness that followed through our unique white gold wedding rings since 1976.

This experience has taught us that every couple’s specific tastes and preferences vary from the next. We have therefore created a delightful selection of with gold wedding bands in a diversity of styles, profiles, precious gems and width.

To find your perfect set of white gold wedding rings, please either browse the entire range from here or use the filters on the left to search for specific features.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact our jewellery experts and we can discuss designing a complete bespoke ring to perfectly meet your requirements for you.

Once you have selected your rings, please use our Ring Size Chart to find the correct sizes. Having done this, you can place your order by telephone: + 44 (1462) 889559, online, via Live Chat or by emailing us at: [email protected]

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