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Conflict free diamonds

Savicki puts the safety and comfort of its customers first. We make sure that the jewellery we receive is made only from materials from legal sources.

That is why we too are joining the campaign to promote the use of conflict-free guaranteed diamonds.

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Diamond certificate logo

Certified origin

We carefully check the provenance of all our diamonds. Our suppliers are carefully selected partners.

Proven suppliers

We only work with suppliers that we have carefully selected. Our partners are only the best suppliers on the market.

Unique jewellery

SAVICKI jewellery products are decorated only with diamonds from legitimate sources.

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Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

On 5 November 2002 in Switzerland - 36 countries and the European Community officially took up the fight against the trade in conflict diamonds by passing a declaration called the 'Interlaken Declaration'.

Participants thus committed themselves to respecting the 'Kimberley Process Certification Scheme' document governing the certification scheme for the trading of rough diamonds.

Each piece of diamond jewellery comes with a Conflict-Free card confirming that the diamonds used in its manufacture are from legitimate sources.

Savicki Diamonds

Carefully selected diamonds

The mounted diamonds in our jewellery are a guarantee of quality forever. Each and every gem
used in the making of SAVICKI jewellery meets all criteria for the highest quality.

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On illegal diamond mining

Workers in illegal diamond mines risk their lives every day, working in primitive conditions - without medical care or proper tools.

Very often these are also children who, when forced to work - lose their lives or are subjected to cruel torture aimed at forcing obedience in them. The World Diamond Council has been trying to combat this practice for many years - unfortunately without success.

SAVICKI fully agrees with the statement made by the former British Secretary of State, who spoke about illegal diamond mining at the UN in this way:

"We want to make sure that the diamond we put on the finger of a loved one was not the reason for cutting off a finger or hand of a child."

Diamond certificate logo
Diamond certificate logo

Diamonds from safe sources

We ensure that our diamonds are sourced only from legal and fully secure sources.

We are straightforwardly saying that we are against this cruel practice of mining and trading in 'blood' diamonds.

Our Partners are specially selected companies that we have carefully selected from all the suppliers available on the market.

Each time, we carefully check all the certificates we receive so that we can guarantee our customers conflict-free diamonds that meet the Savicki DiamondsTM standards that adorn our jewellery products.