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Our current top 10 engagement rings
April 2021

Halo Engagement Ring: white gold, white sapphire

Model: L-1075

Added to wishlists 457 times

Viewed 100093 times

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Tension Engagement Ring: gold, black diamond

Model: MR-R4-1-ZCZD

Added to wishlists 127 times

Viewed 30079 times

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TOP 10 of Engagement rings

Popping that all important question is going to be a defining moment for both you and your partner. So it’s well worth taking the time to make it special and get the ring just right for when you propose. We’ve compiled a list of our current top 10 engagement rings, hoping this will inspire your own search and to help you narrow down your choice between the hundreds of rings we have to offer.

Choosing the right ring is no easy task, especially for such an important occasion. Our top 10 engagement rings show you some of our more frequently chosen options so you get a sense of the different, timeless styles on offer. You can browse through some favourites and get an idea of the styles that are popular at the moment. All to help you find a ring that will look truly beautiful on your loved one’s hand.

Remember, diamonds are a classic choice for engagement rings, not only because of their high value, but because diamonds are elegant, universally adored, and timeless.

When creating wedding jewellery, we strive to create the highest quality, unique engagement rings. If you choose a ring from SAVICKI you can be assured it will have an eye-catching design and the diamond itself will flawlessly shine as a beacon of love and happiness throughout the rest of your shared lives together.

Of course, an engagement ring is no ordinary piece of jewellery, it’s an investment. One that resonates with your eternal love and is a gift for life, so take the time to choose one that will be loved every day. Take a look at our top 10 and other rings and the right one will come to you.

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