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SAVICKI Platinum Wedding Rings UK: Platinum Wedding Bands to Symbolise Your Love’s Purity and Durability

Nothing symbolises and expresses the purity and durability of your love quite like the stunning glow of platinum wedding bands – and Savicki Platinum Wedding Rings UK offer an extensive range of unique, truly enchanting platinum rings UK couples will cherish and delight in throughout their entire married life

Savicki Platinum Rings

Characterised by their incredible strength, durability and colour, Savicki Jewellers’ uniquely designed platinum rings have an extraordinary glow that makes them the perfect symbol of your love and relationship’s purity and durability.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Deriving its name from the derisive name “platina” (“little silver”) given to it by Spanish Conquistadors when they first discovered it in Ecuador during the 16th Century, platinum was considered a worthless type of silver until well into the 18th Century.

Today, it is known as one of the world’s rarest, purest and heaviest; strongest and most durable metals. A metal that forever maintains its glowing luminosity without ever fading or tarnishing, it is now among the most cherished, most highly valued possessions of people who love truly unique, stylish and sophisticated jewellery

While this undoubtedly makes platinum the ideal material to symbolise the purity and durability of love in the perfect form of beautifully designed wedding rings, its hardness and strength do, however, mean that it is only worked with by the most accomplished, experienced masters of jewellery art.

Savicki Platinum Wedding Rings

Some of the very best of these jewellery art masters have now been working for Savicki Jewellers for many years. It is thanks to them that platinum wedding rings were introduced into our range. Inspired by this metal’s perfection, we have looked for perfect ring designs that will convey your love’s power and enormity.

Our platinum ring collection now encompasses a diversity of profiles, designs and finishes. As platinum harmonises perfectly with the exceptional brilliance of diamonds, we also offer platinum rings embedded with these precious gems.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Purity, Honour and Nobility

The colour of platinum evokes purity, honour and nobility. Love enhanced by these values becomes immaculate and eternal. Allow your love and affection’s power and eternity to be symbolised by Savicki platinum wedding rings.

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Search for your wedding rings from here or filter for specific features via the panel to the left of this page. Having found and correctly sized your rings, you are ready to order via Live Chat , by telephone: + 44 (1462) 889559, email: or online.

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