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White Sapphire Rings: SAVICKI White Sapphire Engagement Rings UK

Representing loyalty, truth and trust – characteristics that are essential for lifelong relationships – white sapphire rings are second only to diamond rings both in terms of beauty and popularity. Uniquely designed and crafted by experienced artisans with a passion for beauty and style, the beauty of Savicki White Sapphire Engagement Rings UK’s exquisite sapphire rings is second to none.

Savicki Sapphire Engagement Rings UK

Each boasting its very own, individual character and style, every Savicki white sapphire engagement ring perfectly reflects feminine charm’s delightful uniqueness.

A Brief History of Engagement Rings

Believed by historians to have started with rings made of simple metal wires or plant materials, the tradition of men proposing to their future wives with engagement rings dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.

Taken over by ancient Rome, the rich inhabitants of which not only fashioned their “betrothal” rings from silver and gold but also adorned them with a diversity of precious gems, this custom soon spread around the world and during the Middle Ages – a time of intense superstitions – many of these rings were decorated with sapphires, as these precious stones were believed to change in colour if a wearer was insincere or unfaithful.

Made an “official” tradition by Prince Maximilian I in 1477, when he proposed to Maria Burgundzka with an engagement ring encrusted with diamonds shaping an “M”, the custom of presenting one’s intended future wife with a ring upon proposing to her continued to flourished throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries.

During these centuries, rings became ever more elaborate and frequently saw their insides engraved with names, noble titles and even religious quotes. While sapphires remained a highly popular choice, the 18th Century also started seeing diamonds as a perfect choice to represent pure, eternal love.

This choice was made even more popular after the creation of Tiffany’s sensational and now somewhat legendary diamond engagement ring in the 19 th Century (1886, to be precise).

An era known for its romance, this century saw an explosion of ever-new, ever more beautiful rings not only featuring the iconic Tiffany diamond ring design, but an array of other precious stones set to form floral, flower, heart and many other wonderful shapes – many of which still delight to this day.

Inspired by the enchanting history of this beautiful tradition, Savicki Jewellers have been creating simply gorgeous, unique engagement rings set with all kinds of stones since 1976 – and thanks to the significant meaning of sapphires, our sapphire engagement rings are among our customers most popular choices…

The Meaning of White Sapphire Rings

Sapphires have fascinated and played a huge part in the lives of humanity for centuries, even millennia. Once used to seek justice and truth, as well as in wizardry and magic, they were long regarded as symbols from heaven, guardians of innocence, preservers of chastity and bestowals of truth.

Believed to ensure the sincerity of partners, boost relationships and strengthen the bond between lovers, sapphires have long since symbolised long-lasting relationships and are said to bestow wearers with the gifts of joy, fulfilment and inner peace; beauty and prosperity.

These deep meanings combined with the inherent sparkling beauty of sapphires makes them the perfect choice for engagement rings – and a truly beautiful way of telling your beloved that your love for her is indeed eternal.

Trust, Loyalty and Truth

Representing all the characteristic of crucial importance to lasting relationships, a white sapphire engagement ring is the perfect, most beautiful way to express your undying love.

Selecting Your Perfect Sapphire Ring’s Colour

Naturally, you will want the ring you choose to perfectly match your beloved’s taste in jewellery and her individual character and style. One of the first things to consider when choosing a sapphire engagement ring is therefore the type – or colour – of gold, so let’s begin by looking at these colours in a little more detail…

Sapphire Rings: Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow Gold Rings

Unfailingly of the highest pedigree and clearly marked with its weight, every Savicki gold engagement ring comes complete with an appropriate certificate to confirm its quality.

This classic choice will give you certainty that your ring’s glow will be truly eternal and that the cut and purity of the sapphire set within it will indeed meet even the most demanding and formidable woman’s approval.

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White Gold Rings

Emphasising your beloved lady’s maturity, individuality and independence, the glow of a white gold ring is a delightful way to add shine and purity to the beauty of her hand.

This type of gold is also the perfect choice for ladies who like their jewellery to express their personality in a unique and highly distinctive fashion.

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Sapphire Rings: White Gold Rings

Sapphire Rings: Rose Gold Rings

Rose Gold Rings

The rose gold ring’s delicate shade of pink is exceedingly feminine, charming and ideal for highlighting your beloved’s sublime beauty.

Offering a truly dazzling combination of the two colours – delicate pink and gold - most loved by women, this delightful shade of gold cannot fail to touch the heart of any romantic woman believing in “love at first sight” – and is sure to attract both the interest and admiration of others on her hand.

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Two-Tone Gold Rings

Considering a combination of two different colours of gold provides you with the freedom to seek out an exciting, completely new and individual experience.

Our two-tone gold rings come in a range of stunningly beautiful designs sure to delight any woman who loves distinctive jewellery that uniquely expresses her personal style and character.

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Sapphire Rings: Two-Tone Gold Rings

Choosing a Style

Next, you will be looking at a style of ring to suit your chosen one’s taste. Does she prefer rings with a single stone or rings with three or more stones? Would she like a ring with a combination of differently coloured stones, a ring with side-stones or a totally unique ring with a truly modern design?

Whatever her taste, the Savicki sapphire engagement ring range is sure to offer something that will delight her – so do make sure to check out every one of our ring styles…

Sapphire Rings: Solitaire


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Sapphire Rings: Three-Stone


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Sapphire Rings: Tension


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Sapphire Rings: Side-Stone


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Sapphire Rings: Modern


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Sapphire Rings: Halo


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Savicki Sapphire Engagement Rings UK

Inspired by the meaning of sapphires but not entirely sure that a white sapphire is the best choice for the woman you love? We also offer an extensive range of yellow, white, rose and two-tone gold engagement rings adorned to beautiful perfection with:

Sapphire Rings: Blue Sapphires

Blue Sapphires

These magnificent stones were considered holy by many ancient religions. Revered by the ancient Greeks, Hebrews, Hindus, Buddhists and in time also by Christians as a stone of wisdom and royalty, it was often worn as a talisman to discover treachery/fraud, preserve chastity and protect wearers from illness, and poison.

Blue sapphire engagement rings have been especially popular in the UK and Ireland after Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer with a ring bearing a 12-carat blue sapphire in 1981.

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Pink Sapphires

Said to bring wisdom of resilience, pink sapphires are believed to stimulate emotions, and bring release of the past.

Honouring strength of heart and acceptance while encouraging love and forgiveness, these beautiful stones make wonderful symbols of love and engagements – and are perfect for romantic ladies.

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Sapphire Rings: Pink Sapphires

Sapphire Rings: Yellow Sapphires

Yellow Sapphires

Like all sapphires, these yellow stones are also regarded as stones of wisdom, while simultaneously believed to encourage prosperity.

In addition to bringing financial abundance, they are also thought to stimulate the inner will to creatively focus manifest one’s ambitions and goals.

A yellow sapphire engagement ring will be a wonderful choice if your beloved loves jewellery that is a little different from the “norm” or a strong, formidable woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life.

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Purple Sapphires

Purple sapphires are again said to bring wisdom, though in this case, the wisdom is that of spiritual awakening.

Stimulating meditation, these gorgeous gems are said to initiate oneness and peace – both of which are obviously of great importance for successful relationships.

Stunningly beautiful, a purple sapphire engagement ring will certainly attract admiration and will especially delight a highly intuitive woman with an interest in the spiritual aspects of life.

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Sapphire Rings: Purple Sapphires

Size Matters!

The moment you propose to your beloved with a beautiful sapphire engagement ring is a very special, romantic moment – and the last thing you want is to ruin this, one of your lives’ most important and most magical moments, by discovering that the ring you selected will not fit your beloved’s finger.

Choosing the right ring size is therefore obviously of crucial importance. This, of course, is no problem if you are choosing the ring together, in which case she will be able to tell you the right size.

If she is unsure, you can also ask us to send you a free ring sizer and determine her ring size by using it as described here .

However, this may not be possible if you hope to make your proposal a wonderful surprise, perhaps over a romantic dinner or on the beach while on holiday. In this case, secretly taking one of her existing rings to a jeweller and having it sized there would certainly be the best and safest way to get the right size. Naturally, you should make sure to return the ring quickly to prevent her suspecting anything!

If all else fails, you could ask her best friend, mother or sister if they know her size. You should, however, only do this as a last resort, because this could still be a matter of guesswork and uncertainty – not to mention the fact that in their excitement over the upcoming engagement, they may not be able to keep your secret!

Size Really Does Matter!

Getting an engagement ring in the right size for your beloved is vital – because a ring that will not slip easily onto her finger could ruin the magic and romance of your proposal!

How to Order

Having selected and correctly sized the perfect engagement ring to express your eternal love to your chosen one, you can place your order either directly from our shop (learn more about it here) or by calling us. Alternatively, you can also place your order by email: [email protected] or via live chat.

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