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Our values

Our values

We strive for perfection, creating something that captures the beauty of the most wonderful moments for all time.

Our ability to perfectly combine jewellery, craft and art really sets us and our products apart. We only have the best artisans working for us who are passionate about real beauty and style.

From the first sketch to the final piece, our jewellery is an expression of perfection. Our artisans use the best materials and the exceptional skills they’ve cultivated over the decades to create stunningly beautiful forms that will delight and captivate you.

By striving for timeless perfection for over 40 years, our SAVICKI jewellery range will satisfy your desire for beauty and sophistication, while guaranteeing the highest quality.

Since 1976, our jewellery has been making magical celebrations even more memorable. Our tradition is based on creating unique pieces that capture the beauty of a moment and transfer it into a new dimension that’s wonderful in its form.



Our work is guided by the belief that every gesture, even the smallest one, changes the world. This philosophy has inspired us for over 40 years and long before corporate social responsibility was common practice, we’d allocated funds to help organisations like the Red Cross and Cancer research. This sensitivity to human matters has become a part of what we do. It’s best expressed in the words of our motto: Share Your Love.


We pay special attention to every area of our activity, from the rigorous control of the origin of our gemstones to managing the personal development of our employees. Each detail ensures our clients get only the best products that they won’t find anywhere else.

Through the skills of our artisans and our carefully selected materials, we’re extremely proud that the SAVICKI brand has become synonymous with beauty and quality. We understand how big our responsibility is to maintain the highest level of service, which is why we’re constantly looking for new ways to develop.


Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Mining is crucial for our work as well as local jobs and economies, so we carefully select the partners who provide our gemstones and other raw materials from the interior of the earth. We only cooperate with mines whose mining practices are oriented towards minimizing their negative impact on air, water, the landscape and biodiversity.

To help protect the extraordinary places that constitute the cultural and ecological heritage of our planet, we strongly believe that recovering valuable materials through recycling processes should be widespread. As a creator of handmade jewellery, our manufacturing processes make a minimal impact on the environment and we use renewable office materials.

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