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  1. All gold, silver and platinum jewellery, with a value above 250 GBP, that is on offer in the SAVICKI shop is covered by a perpetual diamond guarantee. Our guarantee is further proof that you are making the right choice, an excellent assurance of the value of your purchase.
  2. The guarantor is Savicki 1976 sp. z o.o., ul. Frezerów 3 I pietro, lok. II.9, 20-209 Lublin.
  3. The term "perpetual" refers to the period during which the above-described products exist in their original form, i.e. in the form in which they were purchased from SAVICKI. Any modifications to the form will void the guarantee.
  4. The guarantee covers diamond defects in the form of fragmentation, fracture and fusing, only in the case of the original position of the diamond.
  5. The perpetual guarantee does not cover situations involving the theft, disappearance or loss of the diamond, or its deliberate damage.
  6. Performing any work on the jewellery, especially repairs, will void the guarantee.
  7. Under the guarantee, SAVICKI is entitled to rectify the defect by replacing the diamond.
  8. The exercise of warranty rights shall not exclude, limit or suspend the purchaser's rights under the warranty provisions for defects of the goods sold.
  9. Warranty claims are made using the form at this address. Applications should be sent to contact@savicki.co.uk or Savicki 1976 sp. z o.o., Gorzowska 2A, 65-127 Zielona Góra, KRS 0000919419, NIP: PL9731046027.
  10. Upon receipt of the application, SAVICKI will inform you whether it recognises the guarantee or whether it is necessary to examine the goods. If it is necessary to examine the goods SAVICKI will send a courier. The cost of the courier will be borne by SAVICKI unless the guarantee proves to be unfounded. The period for recognition of the guarantee is 14 days.
  11. In addition, all diamond products are covered by free cleaning and diamond inspection services, which the customer can have carried out with us as often as he or she needs.
  12. The perpetual guarantee is only valid with the SAVICKI quality certificate, which is included with each product.