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1. All SAVICKI jewellery that’s worth more than £250 and set in gold, silver, platinum or titanium comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is our promise that you’re making the right choice and that your purchase is protected.

2. The guarantor of the guarantee is Savicki Limited Liability Partnership with headquarters in Poland, Zielona Góra, ul. Gorzowska 2A, KRS 0000700015

3. The term "lifetime" covers the product as long as it remains in its original form, in other words, how you received it from SAVICKI. So if you want to make any modifications, remember that it’ll void your guarantee.

4. In terms of defects, the guarantee covers any fragmentation, breakage and displacement of the diamond as long as it’s in its original setting.

5. Sadly the guarantee doesn’t cover theft, loss of the jewellery or loss of the diamond. It also doesn’t cover any deliberate damage.

6. Performing any work on the jewellery, such as repairs, will void the guarantee.

7. Under this guarantee, SAVICKI has the right to remove a defect by exchanging the stone, meaning you’ll get a completely new diamond.

8. Exercising your rights under this guarantee does not exclude, limit or suspend your future rights regarding defects under the provisions of this guarantee.

9. If you need to make a claim under this guarantee, fill in a returns form. Send your form to [email protected], or if you would rather post it to us: Savicki Limited Partnership, Frezerów 3, I floor, lok. II.9, 20-209 Lublin, Poland.

10. Once we’ve received your claim, we’ll let you know as soon as possible if it has been accepted or if we need to examine the goods. If we do, we’ll send a courier to pick up the goods and will cover the cost of the courier, unless the complaint is found to be unjustified. The guarantee recognition period is 14 days.

11. It’s worth remembering that any diamond product bought from SAVICKI is covered by free diamond cleaning and inspection services. You can have this performed by us as often as you need.

12. You will need an individual SAVICKI quality certificate for each product for the guarantee to be valid.

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