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Cubic zirconia

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Cubic zirconia rings

The pursuit of perfection and the search for ideal purity and simple form prompted a man to create a zirconia. This perfect diamond equivalent boasts more shine and extraordinary clarity. Cubic zirconia set in the golden crown of the ring shines with fire without taint and longingly awaits the moment when it hits the woman's hand. Rings with cubic zirconia by SAVICKI light up feminine beauty and decorate a woman's soul.

Individual character of cubic zirconia rings

When our jewellers met this gemstone for the first time they began to look for inspiration and designs that corresponded to the transparency of zirconia. They found the inspiration only in the coolness of water. Since then, when creating rings with cubic zirconia, they are accompanied by a subtle and soothing noise of a throbbing mountain source. Every stone is surrounded by this purity and volatility of nature, and their artistry allows individuality to be given to individual rings from the SAVICKI collection. They also allow the zirconia to meet other stones in our rings. Thanks to this, we create an amazing variety of pristine forms of zirconia rings that satisfy the desire for beauty and sophistication, offering jewellery perfection.

Surround yourself with the light of rings with zircon

Zirconia only had the role of a diamond replacement from the beginning of its existence. Fortunately, the jewellery market was delighted with them, and women loved their subtlety and crystal purity. Over time, the stone gained its own soul and stood proudly next to the most beautiful diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Appreciate and fall in love with the impeccability of zirconia rings and let their perfect nature surround you with splendour.

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