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Meet the brand

Our promise to you

We celebrate your choice of luxury jewellery with you by turning your shopping experience into a celebration. We share the best with you: commitment, expertise and a burning passion. You gain in us friends who want your purchase to express what is in your heart. We understand your needs perfectly, so we guarantee you the absolute certainty of a good choice.

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Our promise to you

To capture the beauty of the finest moments. To freeze time. To take the ephemeral into a new dimension, creating something equally perfect and wonderful in its form - timeless perfection. This is what we have been doing for over 45 years, creating exceptional SAVICKI jewellery for you.

What sets us apart and makes our products different from everyone else is our ability to perfectly combine craftsmanship and art. We have the best professionals working for us who, in addition to their excellent craftsmanship, are also open-minded and sensitive to true beauty and style. This subtle difference will be noticed by anyone who appreciates the highest quality and noble, impeccably beautiful form.

For years we have been with you during the magical and unique moments of your life. An engagement, a wedding, the birth of a child, a first anniversary, a 10th anniversary - thanks to SAVICKI jewellery, these and other wonderful moments will become even more etched in your memory. This is what the SAVICKI brand tradition is based on.

A tradition nurtured since 1976 and an openness to modern trends make the SAVICKI brand an expert in Wedding & Engagement. Our engagement rings, wedding rings and luxury jewellery allow you to satisfy your desire for beauty and sophistication, while guaranteeing the highest quality and excellence.

We don't just create luxury jewellery. We create a symbol of timeless love passed down from generation to generation.

Ring design

Our values

Share Your Love

At SAVICKI, we have values that are symbolised by our slogan - Share Your Love. Sharing love affects many aspects of our lives. Starting with self-love and self-acceptance, supporting our loved ones to giving and appreciating what we have. Even when they are the smallest things. The idea behind Share Your Love is 3 key values.


Love illuminates life. It is a value that gives power. It makes life full, good, harmonious and happy. It contains the most important component for us - the other person is important to me. The diamond is a symbol of light, love and permanence.

Proximity to

Proximity is being attentive and curious about the other person. It is reaching out, being available. It is looking for what connects. It's safety, trust and feeling important.


Craftsmanship is detail, precision, beauty and artistry. It is an attention to detail. It is asking the question: Is what I am making unique? Is it beautiful? It's a pinch of genius.

We are constantly striving for excellence, in pursuit of above-average values, discovering original perspectives and innovative ideas.

  • 1965

    An artisanal jewellery workshop is being set up

    Almost 10 years before the first jewellery store appeared, Kazimierz Sawicki, the forerunner of the SAVICKI brand, opened a small jewellery workshop in his own flat. It was then that it all began. The manually gifted goldsmith decided to create a world where the magic of fleeting moments could be kept forever.

  • 1976

    First jewellery showroom

    Nine years after starting his goldsmithing business, Kazimierz Sawicki and his wife Barbara opened the first jewellery workshop together with a showroom on Zamojska Street. A place with a craftsman's soul, as previously there had been a locksmith's and precision mechanics' workshop.<br><br> Zamojska 14 becomes the first jewellery showroom in the history of the SAVICKI brand, which has existed until today.

  • 2005

    Taking over the company by the next generation

    After 40 years of running the family business, Kazimierz and Barbara Sawicki are handing over the reins to the younger generation. The sons of Mr and Mrs Sawicki - Jakub and Paweł - take over the reins. The elder Pawel continues to develop the jewellery workshop under the guidance of his father Kazimierz. Jakub shoulders the business part and develops the SAVICKI brand.

  • 2009

    First step online

    Four years after the younger generation of the Sawicki family took the helm, the SAVICKI brand is going online for the first time. A website and a new visual identity are being created.

  • 2014

    First online shop

    Following the first step towards the digitisation of the brand, the first SAVICKI online shop is being created. Even then, it will mainly serve as the jeweller's online catalogue. The team already consists of 16 people. This will be a prelude to creating a nationwide, recognisable online jewellery brand.

  • 2017

    Savicki.co.uk is becoming a true e-commerce

    Eight years after the SAVICKI brand left its first footprint on the web, it is joined by 3 partners. The addition of new people to the company allows to influence wider waters. The broad competence of the team and the increasing size of the team allows ambitious plans to be realised and influence the dynamic development of the brand.

  • 2019

    Break through the 15,000 order barrier

    At the end of 2019, we are processing 15,239 orders. That's more than 15,000 happy couples whose symbol of love has become engagement rings or wedding rings by SAVICKI. Building relationships and their confidence in shopping for luxury jewellery online earned us the Breaking the Doubts - Breaking Barriers award in the previous year's e-commerce Poland Awards.

  • 2020

    First foreign market

    It has been a challenging year for all businesses. We have had to adapt to a rapidly changing reality. We introduced an innovative e-salon service presenting engagement rings and wedding rings to our customers during video meetings. For this innovation, we were awarded in the e-Commerce Poland Awards in the Breaking the Doubts category.<br><br>This is also the first year we received the Puls Biznesu e-Gazelle.

  • 2021

    We are already in 4 markets

    Despite the pandemic and the crisis, we are not slowing down. We are already available in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK, with more markets to join us in the next year: Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

  • 2022

    First stationary salon in the SAVICKIego concept

    An unprecedented way of trying on jewellery. We have almost completely eliminated the salesman-customer barrier. In SAVICKI jewellery stores you can try on engagement rings and wedding rings independently and freely. This is unprecedented comfort in buying luxury jewellery.


A team of experts at your disposal

At SAVICKI, more than 120 people in 8 countries watch over your shared love story. We start early in the morning and finish late in the evening so that you have the freedom and comfort to buy your dream luxury jewellery. We strive together every day to ensure that you enjoy and satisfy your shopping experience at SAVICKI.

This is where we create our individual imaginations, manifesting our values that lead to great discoveries and inspiring solutions.

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