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Creating jewellery with passion since 1976

Exceptional jewellery, exquisitely made

All SAVICKI jewellery is of the highest quality and perfect for any occasion

Our exquisite jewellery collections offer you a wide selection of engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients.

We understand the importance of the trust you put in a jeweller to make exceptional pieces to mark the most important occasions. That’s why for over 40 years our skilled artisan jewellers have been creating unique pieces of the highest quality in our workshop.

With our online jewellery store you can quickly and easily browse and order our special range of classic and modern jewellery. We’ll deliver your order for free in the UK and offer you our support at every stage of the ordering process.

Jewellery store - engagement rings, wedding rings

We aim to create products that are a universal symbol of love and happiness, so to help make sure you’re completely satisfied with your order we have one of the longest returns policies of any UK online jeweller – up to 120 days after purchase.

Our experienced advisers are also on hand to help every day from 8 am to 8 pm. They can advise you on sizing or the style of jewellery that might suit your loved one. You can even order a free ring sizer to help you find the perfect fit.

Jewellery Shops Online: The SAVICKI Jewellery Store UK

Jewellery shops online: From engagement and wedding rings to stunningly beautiful bracelets , necklaces and earrings ; pendants , chains , jewellery sets and more, the Savicki Jewellery Store UK offers an exquisite range of truly unique silver, gold, platinum or titanium jewellery for everyone and every occasion

Savicki Jewellery Shops Online

First established in 1976, Savicki jewellers have skilfully crafted beautiful, unique jewellery to make engagements weddings and many other wonderful occasions and moments even more magical and special for over 40 years.

Consisting of a team of experienced, highly trained artisans with a passion for beauty, style and a desire to create beautiful forms that express perfection and will both captivate and delight you, we carefully choose and source all our gems and metals to ensure our jewellery is invariably of impeccable quality.

Our rigorous control of our gems’ – and, more specifically, our diamonds’ - origins ensures not only their clarity but makes sure they are legally mined and conflict free.

Using precisely the right amount of precious metals, our artisans further ensure that your jewellery is always of the highest quality and, perhaps more importantly still, durable. Durability is, of course, crucial to ensure your jewellery truly immortalises your special moments for all time. Openly embracing current trends while bearing traditional values and meanings in mind, we strive to satisfy our customers’ desire for sophistication while guaranteeing every one of our pieces is of the highest possible quality. Explore our entire range or use the tabs at the top of the page to view specific collections for different occasions

Beautiful Engagement Rings to Mark a Truly Magical Moment in Your Life

A declaration of true love and a promise of marriage, the giving of an engagement ring is a truly romantic, magical moment in every couple’s life. Inspired by the remarkable history of this beautiful tradition, which began thousands of years ago.

SAVICKI engagement rings

Savicki jewellers have created a delightful range of white, yellow, rose, black, two-tone gold and platinum engagement rings in varying styles and finishes with a diversity of stunningly beautiful stones including:

  • White, yellow, brown and black diamonds

  • Emeralds, rubies and tanzanite

  • Blue, pink, white, purple and yellow sapphires

  • Topaz, zirconia and amethysts

  • Grenade, quartz and pearls

SAVICKI engagement rings - types of shapes

Fully aware that every woman’s taste is different, we do, in addition to offering a selection of single- or multi, central and side stone designs, also offer a choice of stone sizes and shapes including:

  • Oval, Round and Heart

  • Emerald (Rectangle or Square) and Princess

  • Marquise, Pear and Triangle

SAVICKI engagement rings - color gold

Bearing the special meaning of this sacred symbol of love in mind, Savicki’s jewellers have created a stunning selection of unique D, Flat, Court-shaped, concave and flat-sided wedding rings in a choice of width and precious metals including:

  • White, yellow, rose or black gold

  • Three- or two-tone gold

  • Silver, platinum or titanium

Types of stones

In addition to metal-only wedding bands , we also offer a stunning collection of uniquely designed wedding rings set with precious gems (in a wide choice of sizes) including:

  • White or black diamonds, emeralds or rubies

  • White, blue, pink or yellow sapphires

  • Emeralds, rubies or tanzanite

  • Cubic zirconia or amethysts

Explore our full range of wedding rings , discover our Top 10 Choice Wedding Rings or filter for specific features (metal/tone, stone, etc.) to find a ring that perfectly matches your beloved’s personal preferences/taste.

Browse our entire range of engagement rings , see our Top 10 Engagement Rings , match a ring to your beloved’s personal tastes and preferences by filtering for a specific colour of gold, stone, etc. using the panel on the left of the page.

wedding rings

Gorgeous Wedding Rings to Perfectly Symbolise Your Infinite Love

A perfect circle with no beginning or end, a wedding ring symbolises infinite love, care, devotion and loyalty. A sacred symbol the glow of which expresses radiant joy and blissful happiness, it speaks more than a thousand words from the moment you utter the sacramental ‘I do’ to the very end of your lives. Keeping you forever within its eternal circle, a wedding ring exudes the strength of your feelings for one another throughout every moment of your life. A single look is enough to remind you of that special moment when your loved one put it onto your finger and every fleeting magical moment of your life together since.

Stunning Wedding Jewellery for Beautiful Brides Bridesmaids

Celebrate your bride’s beauty and make her special day even more special than she thought possible or treat her bridesmaids to truly stunning ‘thank you’ gifts they will treasure forever with a ‘little something’ from our delightful Wedding Jewellery collection.

Featuring a selection of unique classic and modern design earrings, necklaces and bracelets; necklacecollars, chains and pendants, our wedding jewellery is available in a choice of yellow, rose, black, rose or two-tone gold; platinum, silver and gold-plated silver with or without precious gems like, for instance:

  • White or black diamond or emerald

  • White, pink, blue or yellow sapphire

  • Ruby, tanzanite or howlite

  • Topaz, zirconia or citrine

  • Amethyst, pearl or onyx

  • Malachite, morganite or pink cat's eye

Whether you wish to treat your bride, bridesmaids or yourself, our wedding jewellery collection offers something truly unique and remarkable to mark what is a very special occasion indeed in the most beautiful, stylish way possible – whatever their/your individual taste/preferences in terms of jewellery may be. Peruse our entire wedding jewellery collection here or filter for a specific style, theme, metal and/or stone using the panel situated on the left of the page.

Unique Jewellery for All Occasions

Nothing captures the essence of your most wonderful moments and immortalises them in time as beautifully as the timeless perfection of a uniquely designed piece of Savicki jewellery. Specialising in taking that which is fleeting and transferring it into a whole new dimension by creating something that is as wonderful and perfect in its form as those moments for more than 40 years, Savicki jewellers have created a range of unique, stunningly beautiful jewellery perfect for any occasion. Featuring a diversity of both classic and modern floral, fairy tale, devotional, motivational and animalinspired; geometric, key and other unique designs, our range offers everything from earrings, bracelets and necklaces to pendants, chains and necklace-collars, ‘celebrity’ jewellery and more.

Lovingly created from precious metals including yellow, white, rose and black gold; two-tone gold, silver or gold-plated silver and platinum, many of our unique jewellery designs also incorporate a choice of delightful precious stones such as, for example:

  • Black and white diamonds

  • White, pink, yellow and blue sapphire

  • Topaz, ruby and emerald

  • Tanzanite, citrine and zirconia

  • Amethyst, onyx and pearl

  • Howlite, malachite and pink cat's eye

Whether you are looking for a Valentine’s Day, birthday or Christmas; Mother’s Day, Holy Communion or Confirmation gift; whether you wish to treat someone special in your life (or indeed yourself) ‘just because’ or to say ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you’ in a truly unique and meaningful way, the Savicki Jewellery Store UK offers something to suit everyone’s taste and every occasion.

Explore our entire range of unique jewellery , check out our Top 10 Customer Choices or use the panel on the page’s left to browse our beautiful jewellery by category, theme or collection and/or filter products by your choice of precious metal, stones, etc.

Unique Children’s Jewellery for Very Special ‘Young Ladies’

Little girls love jewellery (as, of course, do young teenage girls) and receiving a gift from our exclusive, unique children’s jewellery collection will undoubtedly make any occasion extra special for them. Including a simply gorgeous array of yellow gold, silver or gold-plated silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces, pendants and chains with or without gems (zirconia), our kid’s jewellery collection boasts a diversity of unique classic and modern; heart, animal and geometric, leaf and flower designs perfect for brightening any “young lady’s” day. Whether you are looking for a birthday, Christmas or ‘well done you!’ gift; whether you want to treat your daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece or friend ‘just because’ or to say thank you to her for doing something special or simply for being a “good girl”, this collection offers something special for every occasion and for every young girl’s taste.

Browse this exciting range of unique children’s jewellery or filter for a specific design, metal, etc. via the panel on the left of the screen.

Stunning Jewellery Sets for Special Occasions

Our beautifully crafted jewellery sets feature unique designs to make them exquisite gifts for all occasions

Available in a range of precious metals including white. yellow, pink and rose gold; silver and gold-plated silver, our jewellery sets may consist of necklaces, earrings or necklaces, bracelets, earrings and many of them are set with stunningly beautiful gems including, among others, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Offering something to suit anyone’s taste and budget, these gorgeous sets will delight recipients of any age – whatever the occasion happens to be.

The Savicki Jewellery Store UK Promise

We are proud to say that our brand has become synonymous with perfection and quality of the highest order. As such, every piece of our jewellery comes complete with its own certificate of quality. Detailing your item’s finish, weight and more, this gives you peace of mind and security in the knowledge that ii is indeed of the highest quality. What’s more, all our silver, gold, titanium and platinum diamond jewellery costing in excess of £250 is delivered with a lifetime guarantee

Providing the diamonds have not been removed from their original setting, this lifetime warranty will cover your diamond/s in the event of defects (distortion, fragmentation or breakage – again giving you certainty that your jewellery is of the highest, safest quality

Diamonds of certified quality:

Certificates of diamond quality


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