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Wedding rings ranking
January 2020

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, with everything planned to the finest detail. A lot of your attention will be spent on the venue, photographer, catering etc, yet one thing that will be a big factor on the day – and around for countless years after – are your wedding rings.

To make choosing the perfect wedding ring easier, we’ve compiled a list of our current top 10 wedding rings, hoping this will inspire you and narrow your search from the hundreds of rings we offer.

Wedding Rings: gold, D-Shaped, 4 mm

Model: 10003/4-Z

Added to wishlists 525 times

Viewed 113462 times

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Wedding Rings: gold, Flat Shaped, 3 mm

Model: OR11-Z

Added to wishlists 67 times

Viewed 13906 times

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Wedding Rings: Tri-colour gold, Court Shaped, 4,5 mm

Model: Nr 322

Added to wishlists 22 times

Viewed 7025 times

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Wedding Rings: white gold, Flat Shaped, 3,2 mm

Model: Nr 312

Added to wishlists 37 times

Viewed 8257 times

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Wedding Rings: rose gold, D-Shaped, 5 mm

Model: 10003/5-R

Added to wishlists 40 times

Viewed 12294 times

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At SAVICKI we understand that trying to find the right ring can be confusing. Will you choose gold, platinum or titanium? Are you leaning toward a classic ring or ones with decorative stones? Then there’s the shape to consider, too.

If all this choice seems too much, there’s never anything wrong with keeping it classic. Yellow gold rings remain the firm favourite wedding ring choice, like it has been for decades. If you fancy something different though, it can be hard to find the time to look at all the alternatives out there. This is why we’ve compiled our top 10 rings, to show you some of the classics and some alternatives.

Don’t forget we also offer personalisation services on a wide number of our rings. So if you want to make your rings completely unique don’t hesitate to tell us when completing your order. Please keep in mind this personalisation can mean it takes longer for your rings to arrive, so make sure you give us plenty of warning so we can make sure it’s all ready on time.

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