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Diamond Engagement Rings

Nothing says “I love you” quite like beautiful diamond engagement ring – and Savicki Designer Diamond Rings UK offer an extensive selection of the most stunningly beautiful, uniquely designed gold and platinum diamond engagement rings UK lovers can present to their loved ones.

Diamonds Express Your Love in Its Purest Form

Representing dedication, devotion, commitment and purpose, diamonds are more than just “a girl’s best friend” – they are a truly unique declaration of pure and ever-lasting love.

The History of Diamond Engagement Rings

That magical moment when you propose to your chosen will without doubt be one of THE most beautiful and romantic moments of your lives – and the tradition of presenting your beloved with a beautiful engagement ring as a symbol of your eternal love and a promise of a forthcoming marriage has been practised for millennia. But where & when exactly did it all start and when were these rings first adorned with diamonds?

A Magical Moment…

People have used engagement rings to express their love and make the promise of marriage for millennia. Inspired by this extraordinary, thousands-of-years-old tradition, Savicki Jewellers create truly unique diamond engagement rings designed to perfectly complement it.

Diamond Engagement Rings

The Dawn of Engagement Rings

It is believed by many historians that we owe the incredibly romantic tradition of giving engagement rings to loved ones to the inhabitants of the ancient land of the Pharaohs. Ancient Egyptians did, in fact, observe the custom of putting a ring onto their beloved’s finger as a promise of future marriage right from the start of their kingdom’s existence.

Fashioning their engagement rings from vegetation they found on the banks of the Nile or metal wires, they wore these rings on the ring finger because according to their beliefs, the blood in this finger flowed directly to the heart. Over time, they began to create rings from nobler materials including, among others, ivory, bronze and gold. The ancient engagement rings’ round shape was, by the way, neither merely convenient nor accidental – they were fashioned in this manner because the Egyptians already considered the circle a symbol of both infinity and love.

A Symbol of Undying Love

Having no beginning and end, the circle was regarded as the symbol of eternal love and infinity by the ancient Egyptians.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings Soon Came to Ancient Rome…

At its peak, the proud, ancient Roman empire covered a vast expanse, reaching from the Middle East all the way to modern-day Ireland. Not surprisingly, the Romans soon discovered and adopted the custom of presenting their future wives with engagement rings.

Before long, this custom became a popular Roman tradition, with less affluent citizens often giving their chosen ones two rings: one crafted from lesser metals (i.e. iron) for ‘everyday’ wear and another one, crafted from more valuable metals, to wear for special occasions like celebrations, when receiving guests or making visits, and so on.

For rich Roman’s wives-to-be, every moment of their lives was a special occasion, so this practice was not applicable to them. Instead, the future wives of imperial family members, rich merchants and well-off patricians were given rings fashioned from silver or gold.

Sometimes left smooth and glossy and sometimes intricately engraved, these rich Romans’ engagement rings were also frequently decorated with diverse precious gems.

While it is unclear as to whether diamonds were used at this moment in time, the fact that the ancient Romans believed that the arrows of their god of love – Cupid – were tipped with these precious stones suggests that this may well have been the case.

Cupid’s Arrows

Ancient Romans believed the tips of Cupid’s arrows were made from diamonds, so when rich Romans gave their wives-to-be gold or silver engagement rings adorned with precious stones, diamonds may well have been among these gems.

The Middle Ages, the 15th Century Renaissance Era & Beyond

Generations of lovers carried this wonderful custom through to the medieval period, or Middle Ages. During this period, which lasted a thousand years (5th Century AD – 15th Century AD), engagement rings came to mean that recipients were ‘promised’ to their future husbands.

As superstitions abounded at this time and it was commonly believed that sapphires would change colour if a woman wearing them was unfaithful or insincere, these “promise rings” were also vigorously decorated with these gems.

The came the 15th Century and with it the Renaissance era. It was during this era that jewellery really began to flourish and in the year 1477, Prince Maximilian I of Habsburg “officially” initiated the tradition of giving engagement rings as we now know it at his court in Vienna.

He did so by proposing to Maria Burgundzka (Maria, or Mary, of Burgundy) with an engagement studded with sparling diamonds shaping an “M” – and the delighted Maria said “Yes”!

The custom of giving one’s beloved flourished and took on ever more elaborate, fresh forms over subsequent centuries. During the 16th & 17th Centuries, engagement rings were often engraved (on the inside) with noble titles, religious quotes and/or names, but it was only during the 18th Century that engagement rings truly became associated with diamonds as symbols of pure and eternal love.

Maria of Burgundy Said “Yes”!

Upon proposing to Maria Burgundzka in 1477, Prince Maximilian I presented her with an engagement ring featuring a stunning array of diamonds shaping the first letter of her name.

Diamond Engagement Rings

The 19th Century Romanticism Era

The 19th Century was an extraordinary period that is known as the Romanticism era for a very good reason: romance was exceptional during this century - and the beauty and artistry of the jewellery fashioned during this era reflects this to perfection. Combined with intensive exploitation of diamond mines throughout these incredible times, this soon resulted in engagement rings delighting women with ever more enchanting new beautiful forms. Capturing the perfection of diamonds in minimalist, unadulterated form, engagement rings soon saw these noble stones starting to transform into hearts, flowers and other floral shapes – which doubled their delight.

Then came the year 1886, the year a legend was born in the shape of the well-respected, famous Tiffany brand’s now iconic diamond engagement ring. A magnificent milestone in the long and fascinating history of giving loved ones’ engagement rings, this ring featured a single, beautifully cut round diamond held in place by six minute metal prongs – which maximised its extraordinary glow’s exposure to perfection. A sensation at the time, this ring became an icon, a legendary symbol of true love and engagements for generations to come, with nearly 80% of future brides around the globe receiving rings in this beautiful, timeless style even today, more than a century after it was originally created.

Timeless Style & Beauty

First created by Tiffany Jewellers in 1886, this iconic style of diamond engagement ring still delights worldwide brides-to-be today, 133 years later.

21st Century Engagement Rings

Young (and not so young) men all over the UK and Ireland now traditionally propose to the women they love with engagement rings and, when their beloved says “Yes”, placing said ring onto the ring finger of her left hand (unless, of course, they are Polish, in which case they will place it onto her right hand’s ring finger, as this is where these rings are worn in Poland and many other countries around the world).

Firmly rooted in the ancient Roman custom of suitors presenting their intended brides-to-be marriage promise or betrothal rings to seal their mutual commitment to get married, this moment of proposal is considered THE most romantic, beautiful and important moment in any couples’ life – a moment when magic fills the air and time seems to stand still.

Choosing the perfect ring to mark this remarkable moment and express the depth of your feelings for the woman you love in a manner you cannot do with words alone is therefore imperative. Inspired by engagement rings’ millennia-spanning, truly captivating history, Savicki Designer Diamond Rings UK offer an exquisite range of stunningly beautiful, unique gold and platinum engagement rings designed specifically to complement this meaningful and thoroughly enchanting tradition. While our range also includes rings set with diverse other stones, our diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular choice. Here is why…

Every Diamond Engagement Ring tells a Tale of Love Fulfilled

Relate your tale and express the depth of your love more than words can say with a Savicki diamond ring.

Diamonds Are Unique

There are several reasons for the high popularity of our diamond rings, the first of which is that every diamond is invariably totally unique... You, your beloved and the story of your love are unique, just as every other couple and love story around the world is. Your engagement should therefore naturally also be represented by a gem that is inherently unique – which perfectly applies to diamonds. Created under extreme conditions, every diamond has taken a long, arduous journey before becoming a sparkling gem in a ring. As such, every diamond encompasses unique markers of its initial formation and subsequent journey. Only visible in polished stones through a loupe, these miniscule imperfections are what truly make a diamond unique.

While brilliantly polished diamonds may look virtually the same to your naked eye, every one of them is completely unique inside, with each bearing its very own, individual “birthmarks”, growth patterns and personality. Upon finding the ‘right’ diamond, it will draw you towards itself for a real reason, speak to your heart and feel like it is reflecting your relationship.

Diamonds Are Unique

Miracles of Nature

Formed over 100 miles below ground up to three billion years ago, diamonds were then catapulted to the surface of the earth by ancient volcanoes – withstanding extreme pressure and heat along the way. Their strength, endurance and resilience make them true miracles of nature – and the perfect representation of your love and commitment.

Diamonds Are Valuable

Gem-quality diamonds are incredibly rare – and a finite resource, which makes them inherently valuable. What’s more, their value not only holds but increases over time. Their emotional value equally increases over the years. Connected to you and your relationship, they are with you as you create memories throughout your deepening and evolving love story.

Constant Companions

Diamonds are with you every moment of your lives – increasing both in monetary and emotional value as time passes by.

Diamonds Are Timeless

The brilliance of diamonds never gets old or dulls. While fashions come and go, a diamond’s sparkling beauty will always remain stylish – and carries the promise of becoming a treasured family heirloom. Representing the significance of your love, a diamond touching your skin becomes imbued with your memories and creates a physical link between you and the generations to follow.

Timeless Beauty

Forever beautiful and stylish, a Savicki diamond engagement ring connects the story of your love to the generations that will follow you.

Diamonds Are Universal

Diamonds Are Universal

While the beauty and rarity of diamonds make them valuable, their versatility and variety mean that there are diamond engagement rings in a wide range of designs suitable for any budget. Whatever your budget, whatever your taste, there will be a ring in the Savicki diamond engagement rings range that will perfectly meet them both in stunningly beautiful style.

Savicki Diamond Engagement Rings UK

Our specialists have designed and lovingly created diamond engagement rings that enchant with the elegance and perfection of these beautiful stones for over 43 years. Bringing out their magical charm while expressing the endlessness of history, each one of our designer diamond rings is a piece of true jewellery art that perfectly expresses your feelings and your promise of undying love.

Every diamond we use in our designs is responsibly sourced, legally mined and certified individually for quality and purity by HRD, IGI and GIA certificates.

Savicki Designer Diamond Rings UK

Giving every diamond the perfect proportions, we strive to create designs that perfectly bring out the immenseness and beauty of diamonds in all our engagement rings.

Our Range

Connecting with the splendour of your beloved’s body, expressing nature’s astonishing genius and giving birth to the unsurpassed patterns of beauty, many of our diamond rings feature classic round-cut diamonds. To ensure our rings can be matched to every individual woman’s character and style, we do, however, also offer designs with diamonds more fanciful, equally charming and impressive cuts including, for example, the delightful Emerald, Marquise and Princessa cuts; ovals, hearts and varying other cuts, as well as a choice of precious metals, including yellow, white and rose gold; two-tone gold and platinum.

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