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Certificates of diamond quality

Our jewellers use the perfect amount of precious metal to make our jewellery durable and of the highest quality. Many other rings, bracelets and pieces of jewellery are produced to keep the price low, making them vulnerable to distortion and likely to be damaged. We issue a certificate with each item of SAVICKI jewellery, so you have proof of the marked weight and quality.

All of our diamond products come with an additional certificate proving their worth and properties. For gems of 1.00 carat or more, the certificates are issued by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), HRD Antwerp, or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Diamonds lighter than 1.00 carat are issued with a certificate certified by our experts in diamond valuation.

Certificates of diamond quality
Certificates of diamond quality
Certificates of diamond quality

You’ll get a SAVICKI quality certificate with each purchase, proving the purity and weight of the precious metal.

Lifetime warranty

All SAVICKI diamond jewellery that’s worth more than £250 and set in gold, silver, platinum or titanium comes with a lifetime warranty.

Our warranty is yet more proof that you are making the right choice - excellent protection of the purchase value.

This warranty covers your diamonds against defects in the form of fragmentation, breakage and distortion, as long as the diamond hasn’t been moved from its original setting. It’s the perfect way to secure the value of your precious jewellery.

The warranty does not apply if your diamond jewellery has been stolen, misplaced or lost.

Complementary diamond cleaning

Certificates of diamond quality

Wedding rings warranty

Wedding rings warranty

Our wedding rings are of the highest quality, which is why every SAVICKI wedding ring comes with a two-year warranty against any defects.

To give you the piece of mind that the value of your ring is secure, for two years our warranty covers:

  • production defects
  • maintenance and renovations
  • cleaning
  • metal alloy quality control
  • However, it does not cover mechanical damage, i.e. dents, abrasions or improper use and maintenance of our products! Carrying out repairs or resizing outside SAVICKI will void the warranty.

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