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SAVICKI Designer Wedding Rings UK

Are you looking for a truly unique designer wedding ring to immortalise your love for and commitment to one another in perfect beauty and style? Offering a range of uniquely designed, stunningly beautiful gold, platinum & titanium wedding rings, Savicki Designer Wedding Rings UK is the place to go…

Better Than a Thousand Words…

Express the strength and depth of your love without words with a Savicki designer wedding ring.

Express Your Love with Savicki Wedding Rings

The perfect shape of a wedding ring has neither a beginning nor an end. Symbolising infinite love, it has a glow that expresses radiant happiness, joy and bliss. It is a sacred symbol forever expressing devotion, loving care and loyalty – wherever you are.

Expressing more than even a thousand words could ever say, from the moment you utter the sacramental words “I do” to the very end of your lives, your wedding ring will exude the strength of your feelings and forever keep them within its golden circle’s eternity throughout the seasons of all life, from spring to autumn and from summer to winter.

Just one look at your ring will be enough to remind you of that special moment when your beloved slipped it onto your finger and all those fleeting magical moments you experienced together.

We wish you all that is beautiful and good for your life together.

We are proud and happy that by creating beautiful wedding rings, we have the privilege of accompanying you not only during your wedding vows but throughout your life as a married couple.

Savicki Wedding Rings

Planning Your Future Together

The fact that you are on this page tells us that you are highly likely to be planning your future together, so we wish you all the very best, everything beautiful and good for your life.

We are very proud and happy that by creating unique, beautiful wedding rings, we are given the privilege to symbolically participate in that special moment when you exchange your wedding vows, your happiness and indeed your entire life together.

Before you make your choice whether you want modern or classic wedding rings and which type/colour of gold, style and profile of ring to select, let’s take a brief look at the fascinating history of the tradition that has been binding lovers across the world together for millennia…

Love Does Not Recognise Limits of Space and Time

Symbolising eternal love with no beginning and end, the beauty of Savicki wedding rings transcend the limits of time & space.

Savicki Wedding Rings

Early Wedding Rings

The history of wearing wedding rings dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Here, in the Pharaoh’s land, lovers swore eternal while putting circular rings made of plants onto their fingers. Rings created in this fashion were of magical significance for ancient Egyptians because, like time, a circle does not have a beginning or an end.

What’s more, the Egyptians did not consider the central hole in these wedding rings as an empty space but as the symbol of the gateway to eternal life. Wedding rings’ symbolism was consequently associated with love that should be equally eternal and unchanging.

Despite the impermanence of the plant materials used to create the rings (which somewhat interfered with this view), wedding rings became the perfect symbol of fulfilled and eternal love to the ancient Egyptians.

A Symbol of Eternal Love

The Ancient Egyptians regarded wedding rings a symbol of fulfilled love that should be as eternal and unchanging as eternal life.

The Emergence and Evolution of Gold Wedding Rings

During the 1st Millennium BC, the first wedding rings made of gold began to appear. It was, however, not the Egyptians who started using this noble metal to fashion their rings but the Israelites who, in addition to their existing symbolism, also considered them as confirmation of signing a marriage contract and guaranteed compliance with the terms thereof.

Over subsequent centuries, the significance of wedding rings strengthened, and the custom of couples exchanging rings made of gold on the day of their wedding began to spread around the globe. Having become a worldwide symbol of love and commitment, wedding rings were finally recognised by the Catholic Church as a symbol of marriage confirmed by ecclesiastical (or canon) law during the 13th Century AD.

A Worldwide Symbol of Love and Commitment

First created by the Israelites in the 1st Century BC, gold wedding rings have since become an internationally recognised symbol of love and marriage.

Which Finger Do You Wear a Wedding Ring On?

The Ancients believed that the “vana amoris” (Latin, “vein of love”) carried blood from the ring finger of the left hand to the heart and consequently wore wedding rings on this finger.

This custom is still practised today in the UK, Brazil and the USA; Mexico, Canada and France; Ireland, Slovenia and Sweden; Germany, Belgium and Italy, for instance.

In many other countries, including Poland, Denmark and Norway; Russia, Bulgaria and Portugal, Greece, India and Spain, for example, it is, however, more common for wedding rings to be worn on the right hand.

In a nutshell, which finger to wear your wedding ring on ultimately depends on your home country’s culture and traditional beliefs/customs.

Left or Right?

In many countries, a wedding ring is worn on the left hand’s ring finger, a tradition that goes back to ancient times when it was believed that the “vana amoris” carried blood from this finger straight to the heart.

Did you know?

It has not always been customary for both spouses to wear wedding rings. During the 19th Century, for instance, they were predominantly worn by women – a custom that survived in Poland until World War I.

Before this, it was customary for men about to set off for war to break a silver wedding ring, which was then frequently worn inside a pocket close to the heart. Men only started wearing wedding rings more frequently after 1918, and in time, all Catholic Poles adopted the custom.

Did you Know?

Before WWI, it was customary for Polish men about to set off for war to break a silver wedding ring, which was then frequently worn inside a pocket close to the heart.

Savicki Wedding Rings

Savicki Designer Wedding Rings UK

We understand that every couple has different tastes, needs and dreams of what their eternal love’s symbol should look like. Guided by these dreams, tastes and needs, we create an extensive range of stunningly beautiful designer wedding ringsin a comprehensive selection of noble metals, profiles and widths; with or without precious stones and in varying finishes and methods of engraving.

As such, we offer classic and modern wedding rings with full, glossy shine or matt finishes in noble metals including:

Yellow, White, Black and Rose Gold

Two or Three-Colour Gold

Silver, Platinum and Titanium

Aware that many people suffer with allergies, we also offer a range of exquisite hypoallergenic rings.

Multi-Colour Gold

Emphasise your love’s wealth with rings crafted from a combination of different types of gold.

Many of our rings are set with beautifully cut and arranged precious stones including:

White or Black Diamond

Ruby, Emerald or Amethyst

White, Blue, Pink or Yellow Sapphire

Tanzanite or Zirconia

Purity and Strength of Feeling

Wedding rings embedded with diamonds heighten the purity and strength of feelings.

Choosing Your Designer Wedding Ring: Classic or Modern?

Savicki Jewellers offer a delightful range of fashionable designer rings in both traditional (classic) and modern styles.

Whether you choose a classic design that is not subject to the fleeting whims of fashions or opt for an original model inspired by the very latest trends, our fashionable rings invariably delight with elegance, creativity of design and perfect performance & durability.

Perfectly presenting themselves for many decades to come, every Savicki wedding ring becomes a permanent symbol of never-ending love.

Fashionable Wedding Rings

Classic or modern, every Savicki wedding ring delights with perfect craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Selecting Your Rings’ Type and Colour of Metal

The first thing to look at when choosing your rings is the colour or type of precious metal. Couples who prefer a traditional, look typically choose the classic yellow gold, whereas couples valuing modern design tend to prefer white gold rings. Our rose and black gold rings are also becoming increasingly popular, as are our platinum and titanium rings.

Single and Multi-Colour Gold Rings

In addition to single-colour rings, our use of advanced technology also enables us to create two- and three-tone rings in a rich diversity of stunning shades.

Quality of Gold

When selecting your rings, the quality, or sample, of gold is also well worth considering. Essentially, the higher a sample is, the greater its nobility, hardness and – admittedly – its price:

Sample 0.333 – known as 8ct gold, this sample contains just 33.3% of pure gold.

Sample 0.585 - known as 14ct gold, this sample contains 58.5% of pure gold.

Sample 0.750 - known as 18ct gold, this sample contains 75% of pure gold.

The sample of gold you choose will obviously affect both your rings’ appearance and its quality, which is why our experts recommend selecting rings of the highest quality possible.

Yellow, White, Rose, Black or Multi-Tone - Which Type of Gold Best Expresses Your Love?

Platinum and Titanium Rings

Couples looking for something a little more distinctive that will attract attention like a magnet often opt for our delightful platinum or titanium rings.

The most precious of metals, platinum is like silver in colour, and rings made of this wonderful material offer exceptional gloss, as well as extremely high durability. As platinum’s specific mass is greater than that of gold, rings created using this metal are slightly heavier than those made of gold.

Titanium rings are not only beautiful but also make a fantastic alternative for people who are allergic to gold or additives (i.e. nickel) contained within gold rings.

Platinum & Titanium Rings

Strong, Noble Rings that Will Last Like Your Love

Savicki Wedding Rings

Silver Wedding Bands

Do you believe in the magic and power of the stars? Then rings from our stunningly beautiful silver and diamond ‘Constellation’ wedding ring collection will be the perfect way to immortalise the beauty and power of your love.

Silver & Diamond ‘Constellation’ Rings

Beautifully set with diamonds to represent the constellation ruling the month of your wedding, Savicki ‘Constellation’ rings are the perfect choice for ‘starstruck’ lovers.

Ring Profiles and Widths

When deciding which type of wedding ring to select, it is equally important to consider which finish (i.e. gloss, matt or textured), profile and width most suits both your tastes (as opposed to merely complying with current fashion trends) and, perhaps more importantly still, will be comfortable and convenient to wear every day for many years to come.

Inner Edge Profiling

Preventing chafing on your fingers, rings with profiled inner edges provide everyday comfort while simultaneously significantly simplifying daily fitting and removal. We therefore offer an extensive range of flat, half-round and bevelled rings with profiles/shapes including D or Flat Shaped; Flat-Sided, Court and Concave-Shaped rings.

Ring Widths

You should, of course, select a ring width to match your personal taste. It is, nonetheless, worth bearing in mind that narrow rings will look better on slimmer, smaller fingers, while wider ones look best on larger fingers.

Unlikely to bend, safe & comfortable to wear, thick, wide rings are naturally less susceptible to deformation or other mechanical damage, whereas ‘slimline’ rings do tend to deform a little easier and, due to their thinner edges, could also be less comfortable to wear.

Are Your Rings Not as Comfortable to Wear as You Expected?

Worry not – Savicki are the only jewellers on the market to give you the privilege of exchanging your rings for as long as 120 days after making your purchase.

Seamless Wedding Bands

Rings with soldered seams frequently break at said seams during use, whereas seamless rings are significantly more durable and will not break or crack even after many years of daily wear. Guaranteeing jewellery of the highest quality, we here at Savicki Jewellers therefore invariably create each designer wedding ring using a time-proven seamless method.

Benefits of Seamless Rings

The size of your fingers may well change over the years. Using this seamless method allows us to adjust your rings’ size without fear of them breaking at their seams. What’s more, the better properties of seamless rings ensure that they are not deformed - soldered rings are flattened, which results in an oval form, while the absence of a seam in our rings means there is no need to worry about such change in shape. Devoid of any joining around their perimeter, seamless rings ensure your rings are of the highest quality, durability and beauty of form from beginning to end.

Seamless Wedding Bands

Like true love, Savicki seamless wedding bands will present themselves in perfect beauty for many years to come.

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