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Where to buy an engagement ring?

Published 1 Jul 2021

Where to buy an engagement ring is obviously up to you, but if you are wondering “Where's the best place to buy an engagement ring?”, Savicki Jewellers is the answer. Here is why…

Where to Buy an Engagement Ring

While finding the perfect, most beautiful and unique ring to make your engagement a truly special occasion is obviously important, it is equally important to carefully consider where to buy an engagement ring. Why? Because unfortunately, not all jewellery sellers are trusted, proven traders able to guarantee their stones’ legal origins or their metal’s quality – or even their ability to continue trading throughout their jewellery’s warranty period.

To ensure your engagement ring is of the highest possible (guaranteed) quality and the stone/s embedded within it are legally sourced, it is therefore imperative to pay close attention to aspects including:

  • The length of time a jeweller/jewellery store has been in business. This is important because a jeweller/store that has only been in business for a short time cannot guarantee stability or that they will remain active throughout your warranty period – which could cause you potentially significant problems if you need to make a complaint, exchange or return your ring for some reason. Choosing a well-established company that has been in business for many years is therefore highly recommended.

  • Waiting, order completion & dispatch times. Many companies selling engagement rings are unable to always guarantee fast shipment. Long waiting times and delays in order completion and shipment are often due to the time required to bring in necessary materials and production processes. It is therefore necessary to choose a company able to deliver your ring in time for your intended date of proposal.

  • The available choice of materials/styles. Many jewellers/stores only offer rings in a limited range of metals (usually the “classic” colours of gold) and stones. Checking whether a ring in the specific type/colour of metal and stone is available is therefore also important.

  • Production method. Many jewellers create rings by soldering flat-rolled metal into circular shapes. These rings can break at the thus created “seams” during regular use or if their size needs to be adjusted. It is therefore advisable to choose a jeweller who creates rings using a seamless method.

  • Certificates of quality. Many jewellers keep prices low by using only small amounts of raw materials in the production of their rings – frequently omitting information about their products’ actual weight, they often do this at the expense of quality. Rings created in this manner are not only susceptible to distortion but also at risk of more serious structural damage (breaking, cracking, loss of stones, etc.).

Where's the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Stones without adequate certification (this applies especially to diamonds) may also lack in clarity or strength (if, for example, a stone features internal cracks, it could eventually chip or split) or could even be illegally mined.

Naturally, it is also important to check the length of the warranty period (very short periods can suggest a sellers’ lack of faith in their own products); prices and, last, but by no means least, other customers’ opinions.

So, where’s the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Established in 1976, Savicki Jewellers have been in the business of creating a wide range of unique engagement rings for over 43 years, which assures our reliability, which is further underlined by our rings carrying a lifetime guarantee.

Offering rings in a diversity of styles, metals including premium quality yellow, white, rose and black gold, platinum and titanium and a multitude of stones, we can create rings from scratch and deliver them within 3 to 14 days. Approaching each order individually, we can, in urgent cases, speed up the production and dispatch process to make a delivery within as little as 24 hours for some of the rings in our range.

Invariably using a seamless method to create our rings, we deliver each ring marked clearly with its weight and a certificate of quality. Carefully selecting all our stones for clarity and quality, we ensure all our diamonds are conflict free, sourced legally & responsibly and accompanied by relevant IGI, HRD or

GIA certificates.

Combined with our rings’ stunning beauty, uniqueness and availability in a wide range of prices, this makes Savicki Jewellers without doubt the best place to buy your engagement ring.

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