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SAVICKI Platinum Engagement Rings UK

One of the strongest, most enduring metals in the world, platinum is pure, rare and, boasting a brilliant white lustre, a treasure coveted highly among discerning individuals. SAVICKI Platinum Engagement Rings UK offer a range of ravishingly beautiful platinum rings for women with a sophisticated, discerning sense of style.

A Symbol of Love’s Everlasting Endurance

Symbolising purity, true love, strength and rarity, the qualities of platinum are equivalent to eternal, true love’s ideals - making it the perfect choice for engagement rings that symbolise love’s everlasting endurance.

Platinum Engagement Rings

With only approximately 133 tons of it being mined each year (in comparison, around 1,782 tons’ worth of gold are mined per year), platinum is one of the world’s rarest metals. It is, in fact, so rare that every bit of platinum that has ever been mined could be stored within an average-sized front-room!

Forever maintaining its shining luminosity without tarnishing or fading, it is also one of the most durable, strongest and – weighing 60 per cent more than gold - heaviest metals. Its qualities - purity, strength, durability and rarity - combine to make it one of THE most cherished precious metals and, being equal to the ideals of eternal, true love, the perfect choice for engagement rings symbolising love’s everlasting endurance.

Said to reflect inner truths and express integrity, its purity bestows platinum with a dazzling white lustre that reflects and intensifies the brilliant radiance of diamonds, as well as making it hypoallergenic and consequently suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

Despite all this and the fact that many of the greatest treasures in the world – including the famous Hope Diamond – were set in platinum, it has, however, only been used for engagement rings for a comparatively short time…

Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum Jewellery Throughout History

First used in jewellery by the ancient Egyptians and worked with considerable skill by the Indians of South America more than a thousand years ago, platinum – or rather the news of this new white metal with its unusual properties - did not reach the shores of Europe until after the New World was conquered by the Spanish during the 16th Century.

Julius Caeser Scaliger, an Italian-French physician, first discovered platinum in Central America in 1557, and in 1590, Spanish Conquistadors found a “strange” white metal in Ecuador’s rivers. Failing to realise the superb qualities it boasted, they scornfully named it “platina” (meaning “little silver” – and threw it back into the water to let it “ripen into silver”.

Platinum finally made its way across Europe, where the fascinating special properties it had quickly roused the interest of scientists, during the 18th Century - and in 1751, Scheffer, a Swedish assayer, proclaimed platinum to be the 7th element known at the time and, driven by his fascination, subsequently became the first scientist to melt this metal successfully.

Due to platinum’s high melting point (1,755° C/3,190° F), use of this metal in jewellery was, however, limited until the oxyhydrogen torch was invented during the mid-1800s. Following this invention, a virtual “platinum-mania” swept across both Russia and Europe, with Czars. Kings and Queens everywhere adorning themselves with everything and anything made of this precious metal. French King Louis XVI was, in fact, so convinced of its special properties that he proclaimed it the one and only fitting metal for royalty.

Platinum’s popularity came to the USA and quickly captivated its citizens in the early 1900s but was declared a “strategic metal” by the US government – which prohibited use of it in jewellery – at the beginning of WWII. Temporarily becoming a “lost art”, platinum jewellery did, however, start “bouncing back” during the 1950s – and thanks to modern jewellery crafting technology, it is now once again among the most priced possessions of anyone with a taste for sophisticated, stylish and truly unique jewellery.

Savicki Platinum Engagement Rings UK

Inspired and fascinated by the ravishing beauty, special qualities and symbolism of platinum, Savicki Jewellers have been creating stunningly beautiful, uniquely designed platinum engagement rings to immortalise that magical moment when a man proposes to the woman he loves in the most perfect, stylish and sophisticated form possible.

Available in a variety of styles, our most popular platinum engagement rings are set with diamonds to perfectly communicate the purity of your everlasting, enduring love and the sincerity of your commitment to your beloved.

If your chosen one prefers a different style to those currently available or would perhaps like another type or colour of stone, however, please do not hesitate to request a call-back from one of our jewellery experts to discuss the possibility of having a completely personalised and consequently totally unique ring to perfectly meet your beloved’s individual preferences designed for you.

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