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Black diamond

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Black Diamond Rings UK: SAVICKI Black Diamond Engagement Rings UK

Nothing says “I will always love you” quite like a black diamond engagement ring – and offering an exquisite selection of stunningly gorgeous, uniquely designed black diamond rings UK brides-to-be will simply delight in, Savicki Black Diamond Engagement Rings UK is the place to find the perfect ring for your beloved.

Black Diamond Rings UK

Nothing says “I will love you forever” quite like a Savicki black diamond engagement ring.

Why Choose a Black Diamond Engagement Ring?

That moment when you ask the woman you love to become your wife is a very special moment indeed: incredibly romantic and packed with a real sense of magic all around you, it is one of THE most powerful and uniquely important moments in both your lives.

As such, the ring you offer her at this moment deserves to be very special, meaningful and unique, too - and a black diamond ring is the perfect choice. Here is why…

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Beguilingly beautiful, fascinating in colour and regarded by the Ancients as “kings of gems”, black diamonds bring elegance, a mysterious appearance and truly ravishing effects to engagement rings.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Black Diamonds

Deriving their name from the ancient Greek word adámas (ἀδάμας, meaning unconquerable, invincible) because they were considered the hardest stone for stretches of eternity, diamonds were cherished by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks as the “kings of gems”.

Described by Pliny the elder as “the most precious of human belongings, few known and long only kings”, diamonds were during the somewhat superstitious and religious Middle Ages believed to provide wearers with supreme enlightenment, purity and divine splendour on earth – exerting powers even the devil himself could not resist.

They also played a very special role – being considered symbols of justice and virtue - in ancient India, where they were discovered as early as 4,000 BC. Ancient Indians believed diamonds would lose their magic if processed, so despite their fame, processing diamonds did not commence in India until the 13th Century – and even then, they believed diamonds should only be “edited” through other diamonds.

Symbolising beauty, power, invincibility and purity, black diamonds are believed to strengthen willpower, character and self-confidence; learning ability, insight and, perhaps more importantly, responsibility and loyalty.

They are also said to evoke strong emotions, bring luck to those looking for stronger relationships with loved ones soothe & harmonise jealousy within relationships.

Incredibly rare within nature (most so-called “black diamonds” are, in fact, dare grey, dark green or dark rust brown), black diamonds are also extremely valuable and, with their value continually increasing as time goes by and natural resources are more and more depleted, carry the promise of becoming a cherished family heirloom for generations to follow.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

“Kings of Gems”

Symbolising everlasting love, purity and loyalty, black diamonds make powerful statements words alone could never express.

Savicki Black Diamond Engagement Rings UK

Passionate about beauty and inspired by both the long and fascinating history of the custom of proposing to your chosen one with an engagement ring set with precious gems and the symbolism and deep meanings of black diamonds, our jewellery artists have been creating unique, stunningly beautiful black diamond engagement rings since 1976.

Carefully selecting every stone we use, we ensure all our diamonds are not only legally mined but also guaranteed to be of the highest quality - as indeed is the gold we use to create our engagement rings, which includes yellow, white and rose, as well as two-tone and black gold.

Truly striking and packed with powerful symbolism, our black diamond rings are not only available in varying colours of gold but also in a broad diversity of styles (Solitaire, Side Stone, Halo, Three-Stone or Tension), widths and prices (all of which you can filter for by using the panel on the left) – making it possible to find the perfect ring to fully express the depth and purity of your love without words whatever your beloved’s character or preferences in terms of jewellery (and indeed your budget) may be.

Black Diamond Rings: Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold

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Black Diamond Rings: White Gold

White Gold

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Black Diamond Rings: Rose Gold

Rose Gold

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Black Diamond Rings: Black Gold

Black Gold

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Sizing & Ordering Your Black Diamond Ring

Once you found the right ring, it is incredibly important to ensure you get it in the right size – because If it is the wrong size, i.e. if it fails to easily slip onto her finger or falls off as she turns her hand to admire it, that special magic of the moment you propose to her may well be ruined.

Getting the size right is easy enough if you are choosing a ring together, as you can either:

  • Simply aske her for her size - in the UK, ring sizes are typically denoted by the letters H – Z. As we use the European numbered system - 7 to 30, please use our Ring Size Chart to determine the correct Savicki size to order or, if she is unsure,

  • Order a free ring sizer from us, measure her finger and then again use the Ring Size Chart to determine her size.

If, however, you are hoping to make your proposal a romantic surprise, you may have to ask her mother, sister or a close friend whether they know her size, which does expose you to the risk of them getting it wrong – not to mention the risk of excitement causing them to prematurely reveal your plans!

A much safer alternative is to secretly take one of her existing rings to be sized by a local jeweller – which does, however, require you to be extremely “sneaky” and ensure to return the ring as quickly as possible so as to not arouse her “suspicion”.

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