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On What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go?

The moment of your proposal is a very romantic, magical moment and it is crucial for you to fully prepare for it, because even the slightest hesitation or waning self-confidence over the question “On what hand does the engagement ring go?” could quickly dispel the magic and have your beloved wondering whether you really want to spend the rest of your life with her. As it is, the answer to the question “What hand does the engagement ring go on?” depends on your (and, of course, your beloved’s) home country’s culture and tradition.

What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go on in Different Countries?

Having taken over the custom of giving one’s chosen one an engagement ring over from the Egyptians, the ancient Romans and Greeks believed the ring finger of the left hand (which is closest to the heart in any case) to carry an “exceptional” vein (the “vena amoris”, as it was known by the Romans) that transported blood straight to the heart. Engagement rings were therefore traditionally placed onto this finger by both cultures.

As the custom spread around the world over subsequent centuries, this placement of the ring onto the left hand was also carried on and became a firm tradition in many countries. Even today, UK and Irish suitors will propose by placing a ring onto the left hand of their chosen one, as will suitors across:

  • Germany, Egypt and Italy, where the custom did, after all, originate

  • Sweden, France and Iceland

  • Romania, Finland and the USA

  • Australia, Canada and New Zealand

  • Croatia, Mexico and Slovenia

  • Turkey, Jordan, South Africa and varying other African countries, as well as

  • Several Islamic South & West Asian countries

On What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go?

It should perhaps be noted here that in some cases, religious beliefs may also make a difference. German Catholics, for example, tend to wear engagement rings on the right hand, while German Protestants often wear them on the left.

On What Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go Elsewhere?

There are also many countries where engagement rings are worn on the right hand, including, for instance:

  • Poland, Russia and Serbia

  • Austria, the Netherlands and Denmark

  • Spain, Norway and India

  • Bulgaria, Lithuania and Hungary

  • Brazil, Venezuela and Israel, as well as, somewhat surprisingly,

  • Greece

In Muslim ceremonies, neither engagement nor wedding rings are traditionally used but if they are, they are usually placed onto wearers’ right hand.

Wearing engagement rings on the right may be based on couples’ religious beliefs in some countries, whereas it may be based on their historical traditions and/or cultural norms in others.

What Would Your Beloved Prefer?

Which hand to wear the engagement ring on is, nonetheless, ultimately your beloved’s choice. She may, for example (like many ladies do), prefer to wear her ring on her “non-dominant” hand so she does not have to worry about accidentally damaging it while performing her usual daily activities.

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