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Why should I choose a seamless wedding ring?

Why should I choose a seamless wedding ring?


Compared to other rings on the market, seamless rings have stronger properties so they can’t be deformed. This is because these rings have no seam, which is a natural weak point and can lead to the shape of the ring changing over the years.

By choosing a SAVICKI seamless ring, you can be reassured that it’s of the highest quality and will endure for years to come.



Over time, your finger’s size and shape will change. The seamless method allows the sizing of the ring to be altered over the years without any risk of damaging it. If you were to try and adjust a ring with a seam, damage is far more likely as you’re exerting pressure on natural weak spots.


Discover our seamless wedding rings collection

Due to its durability and stability, we’re strong advocates of this seamless technology. We therefore offer a wide range of long-lasting, seamless rings. Choose from classic yellow gold rings, all the way to personalised, jewel encrusted platinum or titanium rings.

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