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Why choose a seamless wedding ring?



We create our wedding rings using materials and methods that ensure they’re exceptionally strong. They’re also built to last, so that they endure through many happy years and anniversaries to come.

We use seamless technology to give them their strength and endurance. Wedding rings soldered during the production faze often break on the seam, while rings that use seamless technology are a lot stronger and won't break despite years of use.



Over the years, the size of our fingers is changing. By creating rings with the seamless method, we can adjust their size in future without fear that they will be damaged.

By adjusting the soldered bands there is a high probability that when increasing size of the ring, it will break in place of the seam. When choosing wedding rings whitch where made using seamless method, there is no such concern because they are stronger and much more durable.


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The wedding rings produced using the seamless method have better properties, this means that they do not deform over time. Due to the lack of a seam you do not need to worry that the shape of the wedding ring will change - soldered rings over time become more flat, making them more oval.

Deciding on wedding jewelry created with seamless technology, you get the highest quality and durability for many years.

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