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How to Choose an Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend

Your impending proposal will be one of your life’s most romantic and magical moments and choosing the perfect ring for your beloved to mark this momentous occasion is crucial – so here’s how to choose an engagement ring for your girlfriend.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

We here at Savicki Jewellers believe that the best way to choose a ring to express the full depth and purity of your love is to look for a ring that perfectly matches your chosen one’s character, unique style and taste in jewellery. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which type and colour of metal does she usually wear?

  • What is her preference in terms of style – i.e. does she prefer a “classic” look or does she like to wear modern, unconventional or statement jewellery?

  • What is her favourite precious stone, and would she prefer a single stone or many smaller ones?

  • Are her hands slim and delicate (in which case a narrow ring would be your best option) or larger (in which case a wider ring would be your best choice)?

  • Does she wear rings a lot? If she doesn’t a lighter ring may be more comfortable for her than a ring made of a heavier metal like platinum, for instance.

If she rarely wears rings (or indeed any kind of jewellery), you may have to base your choice of metal on the following suggestions:

  • Yellow Gold – A classic choice that will please even the most demanding and formidable of ladies.

  • White Gold – Adding wonderful shine and purity to her hands, a white gold ring will emphasise a woman’s individuality, independence and maturity.

  • Rose Gold – The ideal choice for romantic ladies, rose gold’s delicate, feminine shade is perfect for highlighting your chosen one’s sublime beauty – and if she believes in “love at first sight”, a ring made of this charming colour will invariably touch her heart.

  • Black Gold – This colour of gold is perfect if your beloved is a fan of unconventional or statement jewellery – and the ideal choice if you intend to make your proposal in truly fashionable, unforgettable style.

  • Two or Three Tone gold – A combination of different colours of gold will be the ideal choice if your beloved is open to fashionable new experiences.

  • Platinum or Titanium – Both of these metals are not only a great choice if the woman you love favours a modern, elegant style but also if she is allergic to gold or the additives (copper, nickel, etc.) it contains. Titanium is also a great choice if you are looking for a lighter ring.

Then, of course, there is the question of price. While quality obviously matters, we have no doubt that your beloved would not want you to throw yourself into unmanageable debt to get her that “dream ring”, so make sure to choose a ring that is within the limits of your financial situation.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend

Savicki Jewellers

We offer a comprehensive range of unique engagement rings in styles, width and profiles; set with a multitude of different precious gems and in a broad range of prices to suit any woman’s personality and style and any budget.

Explore the whole range from here or filter for a specific style, metal, stone, etc. via the panel on the page’s left.

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