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How to Clean an Engagement Ring

Your engagement is a symbol of your love and a beautiful reminder of one of your life’s most precious, romantic moments. A such, you will obviously want it to maintain its shining beauty forever.

Unfortunately, rings that are worn daily do get dirty and become tarnished in time. While we highly recommend having your engagement ring cleaned professionally, there are, however, also a few things you can do to maintain its beauty at home, so here’s how to clean an engagement ring

How Often Should You Clean an Engagement Ring?

Before we explain what you can do to give your ring a quick clean, let’s briefly explore how often you should clean your ring…

As a rule of thumb, an engagement ring should be given a:

  • Gentle clean once a fortnight;

  • Slightly more thorough clean once per month, and a Professional clean every six months

You can request our professional cleaning ring service by telephone: + 44 (1462) 889559, via Live Chat or by dropping us a line by email: contact@savicki.co.uk.

How to Clean an Engagement Ring

How to clean your ring depends on the metal it is made of and the stone it is set with. The following paragraphs will therefore provide instructions to suit different types of ring:

  • Yellow Gold: While yellow gold can be cleaned with a solution of boiled water and salt, many gems (i.e. emeralds and rubies) do not like hot water, so if you have a ring set with such stones, it is best to gently clean it with a little toothpaste (ensuring it does not contain potentially damaging microgranules) and a soft brush, rinsing with cold (or lukewarm at best) water.

  • White/Rose Gold – Use a soft sponge and a little warm water to gently remove any surface “dirt”.

  • Platinum – Clean with a soft sponge or brush in soapy, warm water, wipe and lightly polish using a soft cloth.

  • Titanium – Gently wash with a soft cloth dipped into warm soapy (make sure to use mild soap) water, wipe dry.

  • Silver – Clean as described for yellow gold.

  • Diamond and Sapphire – Dissolve a little mild soap in warm water, place the ring into this solution and clean gently with a soft brush. Rinse under cold water and allow to dry.

  • Emeralds and rubies – Clean very gently with a very soft brush, cold water and a little mild soap. Rinse and leave on a cloth/towel to dry.

How to Clean an Engagement Ring

Caring for Your Ring

You can also prevent your ring from damage or tarnishing by taking a few safety measures:

  • 1. Detergents and other chemicals can tarnish and even delaminate precious gems. Make sure to protect your ring by either wearing gloves or removing it before working with such harmful substances.

  • 2. To prevent scratches, abrasions or even chipping, remove your ring before undertaking “heavy” work likely to cause such damages.

  • 3. If you take off your ring, make sure to store it wrapped in cloth either in its pouch or in a jewellery box lined with a soft material.

  • 4. To prevent loss of gloss, matting and discoloration, avoid contact with sea, pool and tap water.

  • 5. Remove dust and dirt regularly using a cloth designed specifically for this purpose and do not use chemicals or polishes to clean it.

Following these tips should allow you enjoy the magnificent beauty and glow of your engagement ring for many, many years to come.

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