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Engagement Ring UK: SAVICKI Designer Engagement Rings UK

When buying an engagement ring, you will expect (and rightly so!) beauty, sophistication and, first and foremost, quality. Offering an exquisite choice of unique, premium-quality gold & platinum engagement rings with stunningly beautiful gems, Savicki Designer Engagement Rings UK meet these expectations to perfection - making us the best place to look for an engagement ring UK couples can go to.

The Tradition of Giving Your Beloved an Engagement Ring

That moment when a man proposes to the woman he loves is one of life’s most romantic, beautiful and magical moments – and the tradition of giving an engagement ring, the symbol of undying love and the promise of future marriage, at this very moment has been observed by cultures around the world for thousands of years. But where exactly did this tradition come from?

Engagement Rings in Ancient Egypt

Many historians believe we owe the beautiful tradition of giving our beloved an engagement ring to the ancient Egyptians. Here, in the land of the pharaohs, the custom of putting an engagement ring on your beloved’s finger was observed almost from the very beginning of this ancient kingdom’s existence. Wearing these rings on their ring fingers because they believed that the blood here flowed straight from the heart, the Egyptians initially fashioned them from metal wire or vegetation found along the River Nile’s banks. As time passed, they eventually started using more noble materials like bronze, gold or ivory. The round shape of these ancient engagement rings was also far from accidental (or even merely convenient), because the circle was already regarded as a symbol of love and infinity.

Moving on to Ancient Rome

In its heyday, the vast, proud Roman empire stretched all the way from the Middle East to what is now Ireland. As such, it is of little surprise that the custom of giving your “chosen one” an engagement ring soon also became a popular tradition in ancient Rome. Less affluent Romans frequently presented their future wives with two engagement rings: one made of a lesser metal (like iron, for instance) for ‘daily wear’ and a second, more valuable one they would only wear for special occasions – making visits, receiving guests, celebrations, etc. As every moment of rich Roman women’s daily lives was considered a special occasion, this, of course, was not applicable to them. Members of the imperial family, patricians and rich merchants therefore gave their wives-to-be smooth or engraved silver or gold engagement rings, which were frequently also decorated with varying precious gems.

Engagement Rings in The Middle Ages and Beyond

Carried by generations of lovers through to the Middle Ages, engagement rings became to mean that the women receiving them were already promised to the men who were to become their husbands. Superstitions were rife during this era and it was a common belief that sapphires changed colour if a future wife was insincere or unfaithful, so engagement rings were ardently decorated with them. Then came the Renaissance era and it was during this era, the 15th Century, that jewellery really started flourishing and in 1477, the tradition of giving women engagement rings was “officially” initiated by Prince Maximilian I. This “initiation” took place at Prince Maximilian I’s Vienna Court, where he proposed to his beloved Maria of Burgundy (Maria Burgundzka) with a diamond studded engagement ring – the diamonds on which were arranged to shape the letter “M”.

Over subsequent centuries, giving beloved women jewellery flourished, taking on ever new and more elaborate forms. The 16th and 17th Centuries frequently saw the insides of engagement rings engraved with religious quotes, names and/or noble titles, and during the 18th Century, engagement rings began to be associated with diamonds to symbolise eternal and pure love.

The Romanticism Era

The 19th Century became known as the era of Romanticism, and for good reason. This era’s romance was exceptional and well reflected within the artistry of the beautiful jewellery created during this period. Diamond mines were also exploited intensively during these extraordinary times.

The combination of all this resulted in engagement rings soon enchanting with recipients with ever more beautiful, new forms. Capturing perfection in unadulterated, minimalist form, the noble stones on engagement rings began to transform into floral shapes, flowers and hearts – a development that served to double their delight.

A milestone in the history of engagement rings came in 1886, when the famous, highly respected Tiffany brand created their now legendary diamond engagement ring.

Featuring a single round diamond held in a position that maximised exposer of its extraordinary glow by 6 tiny metal prongs, this ring was not only sensational at the time but became an iconic symbol of love and engagements. Even today, 133 years after its initial creation, almost 80 per cent of women across the world are presented with engagement rings bearing this timeless, beautiful style.

The Engagement Ring in the 21st Century

Today, men across Ireland and the UK traditionally propose by giving their beloved with an engagement ring and, when she says “Yes”, placing it onto her left hand’s ring finger (unlike Poland and many other European counties, where engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand…) Rooted firmly in the ancient Roman custom of a suitor giving his intended bride-to-be a betrothal or pre-marriage promise ring to seal his commitment to marry her, this moment of a man proposing to the woman he loves is considered to be THE most important, most romantic, magical and beautiful moment in any couple’s life. It is therefore imperative to find the right ring to perfectly mark this extraordinary moment and express your feelings for your beloved in a way you cannot express them through words alone. Inspired by the captivating, millennia-spanning history of this tradition, Savicki Designer Engagement Rings now complement this notable, meaningful custom with an exquisite range of beautifully designed, lovingly created and perfectly unique engagement rings for you to choose from.

Choosing Your Ideal Engagement Ring

So, how do you choose the ‘perfect ring’? What patterns and types of engagement rings are most fashionable and popular right now and, more to the point, which ring will best express your feelings for your beloved without words? We firmly believe the secret to choosing the perfect ring to truly express the purity and depth of your feelings for your beloved is to select a ring featuring a unique pattern, gold colour and type, cut & size of precious stone to perfectly match her unique style and character. Exploring varying colours of gold and precious gems will therefore invariably help you make the right choice, so let’s start by looking at gold colours…

Yellow Gold Rings

Invariably of the highest order with clearly marked weight, every Savicki brand gold engagement ring is accompanied by an appropriate certificate confirming its quality. By purchasing a yellow gold ring, you can be certain that the ring’s glow will indeed be eternal and that the cleanliness and cut of the gemstone embedded within it will meet the approval of even the most formidable and demanding woman.

White Gold Rings

Emphasising the individuality, maturity and independence of your beloved, a white gold engagement ring’s glow is a wonderful way to add purity and shine to her hand’s beauty. Considering the option to combine two or more colours of gold gives you the freedom to seek a new, exciting experience.

Rose Gold Rings

The delicate pink shade of a rose gold ring is incredibly charming, feminine and perfect for highlighting the sublime beauty of your chosen one – and will not fail to touch her heart if she is a romantic woman who believes in “love at first sight”. The two colours women love most are gold and delicate pink. Offering a dazzling combination of both, this gorgeous shade of gold is sure to arouse both admiration and interest on your loved one’s hand.

Black Gold Rings

Black gold set with beautiful gemstones is our favourite combination – and a luxury deserved by every woman. Perfectly symbolising richness of feelings, love and commitment, a black gold ring is the ideal choice if you hope to make your proposal an unforgettable surprise in truly fashionable style. Combining this stunning, unique ore with colourful precious stones, our experienced jewellers’ delightful black gold rings feature within our key engagement ring collections including the “Fairytale”, “Dream” and “The Journey” collections.

In terms of precious stones, the most popular rings within our range are set either with diamonds, emeralds or sapphires:

Diamond Rings

The impeccable purity and perfection of diamonds has long since cemented the diamond engagement ring’s role as a guardian of love and the perfect symbol of engagement. Savicki’s specialists have designed and created diamond rings that delight with the perfection and elegance of this precious stone for more than 42 years.

Each one of our brand’s diamond rings is a true piece of jewellery art that expresses your feelings and promise of everlasting love to the fullest. Expressing history’s endlessness and bringing out these unique stones’ magical charm, a diamond engagement ring from our “The Light” collection connects with the splendour of a woman’s body, giving birth to beauty’s unsurpassed patterns and expressing the astonishing genius of nature.

Many of our rings feature the round-cut diamonds. We do, however, also offer an array of diamond rings with more fanciful, equally impressive and charming cuts like, for instance, the delightful Princessa, Marquise and Emerald cuts; hearts, ovals and other shapes – which are, of course, perfect for matching a ring to a woman’s style and character. Every diamond used in our rings is individually certified for purity and quality by GIA, HRD and IGI certificates. Giving each one of them the right proportions, we aim to create perfect designs that bring out the beauty and immenseness of diamonds in every one of our engagement rings.

Emerald Rings

Emeralds are believed to carry the cosmic energies of beauty, harmony and love, and their green light is said to bring peace to the wearer’s heart. Combining this enchanting stone with high-quality gold creates a unique mix of energies that will be passed on to your chosen one. Invariably created with utmost care and combining high-quality stones and gold with our jewellers’ exquisite craftsmanship, our beautiful emerald rings can be found within our unique “Dream”, “Fairytale” and “The Journey” collections.

Sapphire Rings

Used by the Ancients to seek truth and justice, the sapphire has captivated the hearts and imagination of humanity for centuries. Said to be stones of wisdom boasting varying metaphysical strengths and properties, they were also used in sorcery and magic. Today, sapphires are set within engagement rings to symbolise love, purity and wisdom. The enchanting beauty of sapphires provides our jewellers with innumerable possibilities of combining this precious stone with both modern and classic engagement ring patterns. Every sapphire engagement ring has its very own, individual character and style, while perfectly reflecting the admiration of the individuality and uniqueness of feminine grace.

Found within our “The Journey” and “Fairytale” collections, sapphire engagement rings will make you fall head over heels in love with them. Bearing all this in mind, choose your ring to suit your beloved’s personality. If, for example, she prefers jewellery with a minimalistic, classically elegant look, a gold ring with a single, central gem would most likely be your best choice. If, on the other hand, your beloved loves modern ‘statement’ jewellery, a black gold ring or a ring with many stones may be more suitable, while an incredibly feminine, romantic ‘dreamer’ may prefer a rose-gold ring set with dainty stones.

Explore our entire engagement ring range, use the panel on the left to filter for a specific type of ring or take a look at our 10 most popular designs here.

Sizing Your Engagement Ring

Getting the right size is obviously of utmost important – you would not want to ruin the magic of the moment with a ring that will not slip onto her finger with ease or falls off the moment she moves her hand!

If your beloved knows you are getting an engagement ring, you can simply ask her for the right size – and if she isn't sure, you can order a free ring sizer from us here (and here is how use it to get the correct size).

If, on the other hand, you wish to surprise her with your proposal, the safest way to get the size right is to secretly “procure” one of her rings and take it to a local jeweller to have it measured (and don’t forget to “sneak it back” before she notices it’s gone!).

Should this not be an option, her mother, sister or a close friend may be able to help you out (if they can keep your secret!), but as this could still be down to guesswork, you should only resort to asking them if there really is no other way to get her ring size.

Meeting Your Budget

While we are sure that your beloved is ‘priceless’ to you, we also know that budget will invariably play a at least a small role in your decision as to which engagement ring to purchase. We therefore offer an extensive choice of stunningly beautiful engagement rings at a wide range of prices suitable for any budget.

To make finding the perfect ring at the right price easier, we have added the option to filter your search by price to the panel on the left of the page.

Savicki Designer Engagement Rings UK

Inspired by fascinating history, designed and created by experienced jewellers with a passion for beauty & style and delivered complete with certificates of quality, Savicki engagement rings are sure to delight and immortalise your special moment in the most beautiful and unique form.